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Spring Break Style Guide 2012

Ahh it is finally time to let a bit of sunshine back into our lives. The first half of the semester is over and our beloved Spring Break is a mere few days away. I was ridiculously excited for my trip to the Bahamas until I started to panic about my seriously lacking wardrobe. How am I supposed to get cute photos when I’m wearing last season’s bikinis? Unfortunately, we do not all have unlimited funds to go on a wild Spring Break shopping spree, so here is a guide to a couple of essential items that will make for adorable beach wear in March and last you through the summer.
Colored Jean
Colorblocking is huge this season and brightly colored denim is one of the easiest ways to make this look work. Choose your favorite shade of coral, green, or teal, and pair it with another bold look. Or if you’re less of a risk taker, pair it was a neutral. Either way, you’ll be right on trend and look straight off the runway in whatever tropical paradise you may be visiting.

Lets face it, throwing on gym shorts and a tank top over your bikini is just not as fun as dressing up your swim wear with a feminine cover up. In my opinion, the more delicate and lady like your cover-up, the better. A couple of trends to look out for include crochet details, maxi dresses, or tunics with an elegant pattern. 

I’m a firm believer in the power of accessories, so I couldn’t chose just one necessity for Spring Break. Instead I’ve decided to give you three ideas that work to vamp up your outfits.
Bangles—There are so many cute patterns and colors in stores right now. Definitely pick up a wider one to pair with a couple of thinner ones and consider incorporating new colors into your style.
Wedges—For some reason when I see wedges I think of vacation: sun, 80-degree weather, and best friends making memories. Try to invest in a neutral pair of wedges so you can pair them with a cute day dress or a pair of skinny jeans for a night on the town. With your new wedges you’ll be one of those stunning girls in a killer outfit lounging poolside with a delicious drink.
Sunglasses—Obviously, sunglasses are 100% necessary for your trip. They are a worthwhile investment not only for fashion statement but your eyes will need protection from the rays. You can look casual and cool in your aviator Ray-Bans or you can be sophisticated in a cat-eye shaped pair.

The Staple
Bikinis—And finally, the staple piece that we’ve been waiting for. Lets be real, we’ve all been working really hard to eat well (which is real hard when the candy in the Bison stares at you every day)  in order to look like Jennifer Aniston in our swimsuits, so we deserve a new one. The beach is your stage; so pick a suit that really lets you shine. Make sure you try it on and get the right size because there is nothing worse than pulling at your suit when you’re chatting up cute boys by the tiki bar.
(Fashion tip! If you’re looking to avoid unsightly tan-lines, look into purchasing a bikini with a bandeau top. They’re super cute and won’t leave you with unnatural lines.)
Have fun, be safe, and remember SPF is your friend! Happy Spring Break Bucknellians!

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