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Some Parting Words from Our Senior CC

Dear Bucknell Collegiettes,

Yes, HC Bucknell does consider ourselves regulation hotties, and sadly, we still have no idea who invented toaster strudel (and we would never wear army pants and flip flops). Yes, our hair is so big because it’s full of secrets…and this Campus Correspondent has quite a big one. I confess, I am completely and utterly in love with Her Campus Bucknell. For the past year I have slept, breathed, and lived everything Her Campus and have loved every minute of it. With that on the table and after a year having the privilege of co-leading our chapter, I must say my bittersweet goodbye. With much sadness, this Cady Heron wannabe is graduating, going off to the jungle of real life. I will not get sappy. I will not create some rhyme or cry. I will not reflect on how quickly these four years flew by. (Okay, just that once!) I will not write in pop culture references or say thank you a million times. I promise…maybe. This letter is about to be on bat mitzvah speech status, so just let it go there.

On a serious note, I want to thank you, loyal readers, for making HC Bucknell what it is today. It has been a pleasure to write articles for you each week, to throw events, and to leave candy and funny sayings on your library seats. To promise that, HC will spike your hot chocolate over Christmas and will turn you into a Disney princess over finals. (It does! I swear!) To give you swag bags, see the competition for Campus Cutie heat up, and recognize some of you as Campus Celebrities for your fabulous contributions to our community. The HC Bucknell branch has grown tremendously this past year, and I leave with all the confidence in the world that our CC’s for next year, the wonderful Elizabeth Bacharach and fantastic Margaret Hilton, will just continue to expand upon this success. Thank you readers for your feedback, suggestions, encouragement, and most of all, unwavering loyalty to our branch.

To my motivated, brilliant, beautiful Her Campus staff, you ladies inspire me each and every day. I always looked forward to our meetings because you “brought it” each week, with open minds, wild senses of humor, and crazy energy. Whether laughing over an absurd story, pigging out on candy, gossiping, or just hanging out, every HC gathering has been an absolute blast. Our dynamic meetings were enriched by each and every one of you. It has been an honor to serve as your CC and a privilege to see you transform as writers and as women. I cannot wait to see what you have in store next year and I am greatly looking forward to watching you continue to grow and succeed at whatever endeavors you set your minds to.

Finally, to the incredible Elizabeth Bacharach, who will forever be the composed and stylish Ashley to my hippie, fairyland Mary Kate, the blonde and whip smart Ms. Corningstone to my mess of a Ron Burgundy, the beauty to my beat, the dazzling Harry Potter to my ginger Ron Weasley, the peanut butter to my jelly, the Fitch to my Abercombie, the pickle to my deli sandwich (too far?); you are one of the most poised, creative, genuine, caring, people I’ve ever met. This year we’ve become so much more than CC’s and I am unbelievably grateful to have met you and grown so close this year. Her Campus Bucknell is certainly better because of you and I am lucky to say that I am better because of you as well (and now I’m getting all Wicked on you so I’ll stop). I’d say I will miss you but I already am picking out décor for your (our? is there still a spot for me next to your bed?) room next year. But, if our rooming situation doesn’t work out, I will miss you dearly next year and can’t wait to see where you take Her Campus Bucknell next.


And after doing everything I promised I would not do, it is time to say goodbye, dear Bucknellians. Thank you for an incredible year. Don’t worry your pretty little heads collegiettes, you haven’t heard the last of me. Homecoming is only a few months away! You know you love me.


Forever HCXO,

Sarah “She doesn’t even go here!” Dubow

Sarah Dubow graduated from school in 2013 and is a Digital Strategist at Marina Maher Communications in New York City. After serving as Campus Correspondent at Bucknell University, she is so excited to continue being a part of the Her Campus team! Besides traversing the city and trying to figure out what being a "real person" really means, Sarah loves long walks on the beach, sipping pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain (kidding!). Real favorites include traveling, writing, kickboxing, and making up ridiculous lyrics to the latest songs. She absolutely loves anything that involves cupcakes, butterflies, glitter, and anything Parisian and specializes in baking with far too much chocolate and obsessively watching shows bound to be cancelled after the first season. Though the long term path for this post-grad collegiette remains unclear, she's looking forward to all the new 20-something adventures that await her!   
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