The Solar Eclipse Was Just a Giant Inconvenience

We just witnessed a solar eclipse that we won’t see for another 40 years. Apparently this means that it’s important enough to blind us and potentially screw up our phones just because the moon and the sun are hanging out. If you ask me, this entire eclipse is a HUGE inconvenience. Look at it this way: all over the internet NASA, Facebook and individuals are talking about the solar eclipse. Now, memes about the solar eclipse have circulated the internet rapidly, making everyone momentarily obsessed with the phenomenon. We’ve all known about it for a while, and if you haven’t then you’re most likely blind at this point.

            But if you ask me, the solar eclipse is a terrible thing nature has created. What did people 40 or even 80 years ago do before everyone knew you had to wear special glasses to prevent from burning your retinas? People probably looked up because it was a nice day and BOOM blind forever. What an unfortunate occurrence. And the bigger problem is that it’s been made into a spectacular one should absolutely not miss, so all you WANT to do is stare directly at it! And honestly, you look through the glasses and see the teeny tiny sliver of orange-ness and that’s it. Shows over. That’s all it’s got in store for us. Pretty pathetic and underwhelming if you ask me.

As cool as it is that our universe creates occurrences like the eclipse only once every 40 or more years, I think mother nature could have done a better job with this one. Oh well, it’s not coming back for another 40 years, so I hope you all enjoyed the fuzzy sliver of orange-ness while it lasted.