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Six Things You Forgot About College During a Year of Lockdowns

  1. How tiring a full day of school is

Between walking everywhere, and having a full schedule that’s requiring you to leave the house multiple times a day, you’re tiring out pretty easily. It’s almost alarming.

2. The difficulties of paying attention in class

Long gone are the days of taking Zoom classes from the comfort of your bed, being able to eat a snack during your lectures, and checking your phone when you’re supposed to be taking notes. Why did you want to go back in person again? 

3. How sweaty frat parties are

Nothing says back to school like jumping up and down pressed against 100 sweaty people. You’ve been romanticizing going out for so long that you’ve forgotten how hot frat parties get. 

4. How many people go to this school

Suddenly, you’re randomly running into people that you haven’t seen in years. It’s impossible to get a seat in the library, and the quad is crowded during passing time. The student body never felt so big. 

5. How old you are

You’re two grades ahead of where you were when the pandemic began, and suddenly you’re on a different stage in life. Whether you went into lockdown as a sophomore and all of a sudden you need to find a job, or you started as a clueless freshman and now you’re expected to know the school––it's a shock.

6. Just how much you missed it

The pandemic isn’t over, but you’re so happy to be able to enjoy a more normal year with your friends! No matter how many surprising moments come from (somewhat) returning to a normal life, you’re incredibly grateful to be back at college.

Hi, I'm Liz Lagerback, a senior at Bucknell University who is loves to read and write! I'm majoring in Psychology and English, and am from Chanhassen, Minnesota.
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