Simple Ways to Feel More Productive

It’s easy to lose your sense of productivity, especially during the mid-semester slump. Spending hours in the library isn’t the only way to feel like you’re on your game; productivity can be applied to so many aspects of your life. Here are 8 tips to help you out!

  1. Get a daily news subscription and read it every morning. You’ll feel so smart and actually be able to keep up in conversations about politics, business, sports, celebrities, and more. Need2Know is a great email subscription because it is short and sweet, yet you get everything important! The Skimm is also a fabulous option, a little more in depth, but like Need2Know, the writers summarize everything in very understandable terms.

  2. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, do a quick 50 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, or something before you shower. It’s better than nothing and it’ll make you feel energized.

  3. Grinding on work for hours? Treat yourself to a cookie, a milkshake, a latte, or anything you love. Having an incentive will make you want to grind even harder.

  1. Use reminders. Need to print a paper before class? Been wanting to send a letter to your grandma? Use the reminders app already installed on your iPhone, or you can download one on the app store. It keeps you on track like nothing else.

  1. Make a to do list of every single thing you need to do today. Have a notebook or sticky note laying open and ready on your desk. As you think of tasks, add them to your list. You can write anything from doing your wash, to finishing up an assignment, to going to the gym.

  1. Make your bed. Nothing makes you feel like you have your sh*t together like making your bed.

  2. Drink more water. You’ll be surprised how better you feel overall if you have enough water in your system. Incorporating this easy change in your life will increase your energy, relieve fatigue (which we all need), improves your skin complexion, boosts your immune system, and so much more. Start chugging!

  1. Have a night to yourself with a cup of tea, Netflix or a good book, and a face mask. You may not feel the most productive when you’re treating yourself to “me time” like this, but it’s crucial for your physical and mental health! Pat yourself on the back, unwind, and just breathe! You’ve earned it!