Signs You've Hit the Mid Semester Slump

Well, it’s just that time of year again.  Projects due.  Deadlines fast approaching.  Midterms hitting hard.  But for some reason, the idea that you had in the beginning of the semester to be the most studious little college student while getting enough sleep and having a social life is seeming more and more unattainable with each passing day.  The motivation to go to the library or the gym or sometimes even class is really starting to fade.  Don’t worry, we’re all feeling that pretty hard.  Here are some signs that you’ve hit the mid semester slump:

1. Your “study breaks” are starting to take longer than the amount of time you’re studying.

“Just one more episode,” you tell yourself as Netflix gives you the little reality check that you’ve been watching for a few consecutive hours.  Obviously, this reality check isn’t enough to stop you from clicking, “Continue Watching,” because why on earth would you stop watching your favorite TV show when you should be studying for exam worth 30% of your grade in 12 hours!  

2. Your cardio is walking to class instead of driving.

Well, it’s hard to make time to go to the gym when you’re in the library (probably procrastinating) all day!  At this point in the semester, the gym is not quite the priority, so it’s a good day when you walk all the way up that huge hill to class instead of driving.  You go girl.  That burns calories, right?

3. You know you have assignments due, but…

You have literally no urgency in completing them whatsoever!  Literally they’re not even worth that many points, and you’ll be fine if you put it off to the last minute.  You work well under pressure anyway, so you know you’ll get it down like, an hour before class.  As long as you study for the final a ton, you should be good...right?  Maybe you can get an extension...or some extra credit…

4. Getting away with the bare minimum, always.

Doing the reading?  Please.  They should be lucky if you even show up at this point.  When someone asks if you did the assignment you tend to respond by saying, “Oh, we had something due today?”  We’re right there with ya, honey.

Maybe we’ll come back with a new, studious mindset after this well-deserved break?  There’s a first for everything, I guess!