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Should Pumpkin Parties be a Thing?

As fall approaches and the weather is cooling down a bit, you are probably thinking of unique ideas of things to do with your friends that coincide with the forecast. Many of us have felt the pressure of doing out-of-the-box hang outs such as a dip night or setting up a projector in the middle of the woods and are looking for something else to fulfill our desire for our life to be “instagrammable.” 

This past weekend, I was at a cross country meet chatting with my teammates about various desserts and the pumpkin spice cookies I have sitting in my freezer. One of my teammates then suggested we have a pumpkin party sometime this year closer to Halloween. I immediately thought of all the pumpkin flavored treats that would be incredible for this party, as well as the orange decorations and fall-like atmosphere it would bring. Picture this: orange streamers, balloons, table cloths, not to mention the napkins and plates, covering the interior of a room, while Halloweentown plays in the background. The food and desserts are the most important part of this themed bash. Pumpkin flavored everything, from muffins to cookies to cake and pie. Pumpkin is incredibly versatile and pleases mostly everyone in some way. 

While there may be some people allergic to pumpkin, another orange treat, such as carrot cake, works just as well for the occasion. It is still fall-themed and delicious. If you’re going home for fall break and live near New York City, a stop you must make is at Lloyd’s in the Bronx. It’s a tiny bakery right across from Van Cortlandt Park near Manhattan College that has carrot and other cakes that are simply remarkable. As far as replacements go, that certainly will not disappoint. However, if you can stick with the pumpkin theme, maybe even bring in some pumpkin flavored drinks or scented candles, there is a high chance of having a memorable time that you can get great pictures from. Long story short, I think that pumpkin parties should most definitely be a thing and are a cute way of ‘spicing’ it up with your friends or roommates this fall. 

Meredith is a junior English Film/Media Studies and Spanish double major with a minor in Psychology. She is on the track team at Bucknell and enjoys writing, dance, and theater in her free time!
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