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Should I Learn to Code?

Should I learn to code?

The quick answer: yes, and it’s not nearly as scary as you might think it is. It’s no mystery that our world today is so heavily reliant on the usage of technology, and it definitely seems that everyday, yet another tech company is coming out with a new product that does something even more incredible than the last. Unfortunately, with our ever-increasing technological capabilities, there hasn’t been as much of an increase in desire to really understand how these products actually work. Many people shy away from the idea of learning to code because they assume it’s going to be too hard, or simply because they think it’s not a skill that they really need. But, I assure you, whether you consider yourself tech savvy or in need a little more help, absolutely everyone can and should learn to code.

Expand your artistic horizons 

Long gone are the days where the only way to express yourself was on a canvas. Learning to code gives seemingly endless new mediums for artistic expression. Websites like madewithcode.com reveal the new types of art that can be created from code. From becoming a DJ without any equipment, making your own Snapchat filter, or even spicing up your next #selfiesunday, there are so many new and different ways to embrace your artsy side through code.

It’s a major resume booster

As collegiettes, we’re all looking to land that dream job once we finish our four years here, and it’s not just tech companies that want to hire people who know how to code. With our increasing usage of technology, there is so much data that companies can use to better understand the behaviors of their consumers. From law firms to hospitals, being able to analyze that data is an incredible skill that any company will benefit from, and it may be that extra skill that could help you get that job.

It’s not as hard as you think

Learning to code may sound scary, but it really is just another language. Like learning Spanish or French in high school, it doesn’t always come easy, but it definitely is rewarding once everything starts to come together. There is no feeling like getting that first project running and seeing something you built from nothing appear right in front of your eyes.


While I’m not here to urge everyone to know how the circuits in our laptops interact in order to make every program run (believe me: it’s complicated), I do think that everyone can and should learn how to code. From being able to make your own Snapchat filter, having a slightly better understanding of why a webpage looks the way it does, or creating the next Facebook, coding gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves in so many different ways.

Convinced? Check out these great websites that will teach you to code while also helping you building some seriously cool projects (think your own version of Flappy Bird being taught by Mark Zuckerberg, or your own website):

OR take CSCI 203!  

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