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Shopping Tips for Difficult Fits: Maxi Dresses

Spring break has us in the sundress-and-sandals disposition. As our favorite online boutiques are stocking up with our sunny outfit favorites, it has us dreaming about the queen of summer outfits, the Maxi Dress. Whether for a backyard barbeque or an outdoor family celebration, these long, loose dresses are perfect for any sunny day occasion. However, if you have the same mindset I have, you probably agree that shopping for the perfect Maxi is nearly impossible! It’s hard to find one that falls just right, and the way to get there can be completely infuriating on a good day. On a bad day, it can be totally discomforting. (I was going for being swallowed in a huge potato sack…yea I wanted that…)

Until recent discoveries, I believed that Maxis were made for, and only for, long and lean body types. Luckily, with detailed research and many long hours in the Bloomindales fitting room, I have found that with the right cut and design, women of any body type can rock this sunshine-appreciating outfit.

Follow these shopping tips when searching for the difficult, but deeply yearned, perfect maxi dress fit!

If you’re curvy

Hourglass figure.

Choose a clinched-waist dress style with a full skirt. This fit-and-flare dress shows off your tiny midriff and allows you to revel in your natural sexy shape. Choose a pattern in which the bottom of the dress is a darker shade than the top. The simple contrast is strikingly flattering!

If you’re petite

Under 5’4

Streamlined maxi dresses are a great fit for you! Simple, smooth-running tank dresses will not overwhelm your delicate standing. However, emphasizing your waist is crucial, so favor dress styles with gathered waistbands. Fall in love with the print of a column dress? Add a belt! Remember, don’t be discouraged if the fit is right but the length is not; an unadorned hemline stitch is an inexpensive fix.

If you have a pear shape

Torso and upper body are generally smaller than hips.

Look for maxi dresses that draw attention upwards. V-neckline, skinny spaghetti straps, or halter-top dresses that expose your shoulders are the most flattering. Go for a dress with an empire waistline that will highlight your slimmest feature, while draping smoothly over your bottom half. Avoid dresses with fabric tiers across the lower portion and stay away from stripe patterns.

If you have an athletic build

Torso, hips, and shoulders are approximately all the same width.

Maxi dresses were made for you! Column-style dresses with tapered bottoms will make your figure appear longer and leaner. Don’t be afraid to show off toned arms and shoulders in a tube-top dress or one with spaghetti straps. Fitted, simple, rectangle dresses allow you to show off your sharp shape.

If you’re busty

Finding the balance between comfortable, supportive, and appropriate in a Maxi is difficult for women with larger chests. V-Neck tops, however, counterbalance the heavy top while showing off delicate collarbones. Additionally, thick tank tops not only cover the straps of your favorite bra, but also offer added support and an extra boost.

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