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Senior Spotlight: Isobel Lloyd

With the Spring 2021 semester coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to some of our beloved seniors, specifically our campus coordinators. One of these women is Isobel Lloyd. Isobel is a woman I’ve been so privileged to meet this year through both Greek life and Her Campus, so I wanted to give her the spotlight before we send her off to her postgraduate journey!

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Name: Isobel Lloyd


Hometown: Scarsdale, New York


Major(s): Double major in economics and psychology


Campus Activities: 

-Her Campus

-Member of Delta Gamma

-Research assistant in psychology department 

-Tutor at Bucknell’s learning center

-President of Psi Chi Honors Society 


Isobel’s Her Campus Positions: 

2017: Writer

2018: VP tech uploader

2019 & 2020: Campus coordinator 


Why did you choose to join Her Campus? 

Isobel: I read a lot of Her Campus articles before coming to Bucknell and used Her Campus to guide my college application process in high school. When I saw that Bucknell had a Her Campus chapter, I knew I wanted to join. I really liked the girls who were in Her Campus my freshman year, especially the campus coordinator at the time. I definitely looked up to the campus coordinator and she is what made me want to be a campus coordinator myself.


Favorite Her Campus article of yours over the past 4 years?: 

Isobel: Probably the first one I wrote when I was a freshman. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I wrote an article called “What to Do When You Want to Do It All?” where I pretty much just ranted my feelings.


What have you gained from being in Her Campus?

Isobel: I grew as a writer outside of an academic context and socially, made a lot of connections with the girls I worked with. It’s nice to have friends outside of my usual social circle.


What have you discovered about yourself during your time at Bucknell?

Isobel: I noticed how much I change each year. Freshman year, I was a completely different person than I am today. I think you don’t realize that each semester shapes and defines you in a different way. I’m thankful for the growth and memories I’ve experienced at Bucknell. 

What’s an achievement you’re particularly proud of over 4 years? 

Isobel: Academically, graduating with honors for both of my majors was a big accomplishment for me. Generally, and I don’t know if this is really an achievement, but the growth in my confidence. When I was a first year, I wouldn’t want to eat alone on campus and cared what others thought of me. I’ve grown to be independent, comfortable in my own skin, and confident.

Are you ready to graduate?

Isobel: Emotionally, no. I get sentimental about it. In all other senses though, yes. I hate having to leave, but I also love that I get to start a new chapter of my life. I’m definitely sad to leave though. I’d say be excited for the future, but don’t rush it.  

Would you say Bucknell prepared you for life after graduation?

Isobel: Yes, definitely. I have the academic skills that I need to be successful in my career. Also, Bucknell has helped me gain a strong network. Even when looking at the town I’m moving to, I already know other Bucknellians who will be in the area.


Post-graduate plans:

Isobel: The job I am going to be starting after graduation is a strategy analyst for Deloitte in the government and public services consulting sector in Washington D.C. In this position, I’ll pretty much be assigned to work on different projects in various government departments.


What are you nervous for post-Bucknell?

Isobel: I’m definitely nervous about my Bucknell friends and I all going in different directions. I know I’ll be making new connections in my new town, but I still know I want to stay connected with my Bucknell friends.


What are you excited for post-Bucknell?

Isobel: Honestly, I’m excited to live in my own apartment and be able to decorate it. I’m really looking forward to being in a new city and being totally independent. 


What will you miss most about Bucknell? 

Isobel: I’ll probably miss the ambiance of walking around campus the most. I can’t go anywhere on campus without seeing someone I know. I just love how much Bucknellians love Bucknell. If you love Bucknell, you’re ‘Ray Bucknell. 


Isobel, I think I can speak on behalf of all of Her Campus Bucknell when I say we wish you the best of luck on this next chapter of your life!

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