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Runway to Real-Way

Once you start smelling those pumpkin spice lattes and notice how you’ve started to wear closed-toe shoes…you know it’s fall. Not too excited about all the pumpkin or the chilly weather? Well, get pumped for this season’s trends! We’re talking daring prints, embellishments, and some equestrian flair, and the best part is: you can wear them too!


This style isn’t just reserved for those art history textbooks, antique stores, and tapestries. Dolce and Gabanna, Balmain, and Marchesa all incorporated baroque in their shows. The detailed embroidery and complex prints were beautifully presented in all forms: dresses, tops, coats, and bottoms.

Make full use of this trend to upgrade your wardrobe with a touch of elegance and sense of royalty. Baroque prints might be intimidating for some, but for those of you who are not afraid to experiment and be bold, here are some streetwear-friendly choices. Remember to downplay the accessories with these pieces otherwise, the trend can quickly turn tacky!

If not too certain about the bold prints but still want to incorporate some of the baroque style, add some 17th century style accessories. Accent a simple outfit with either one of these cute statement pieces.


Asian Invasion:

South Korean pop sensation, Psy, isn’t the only form of Asian invasion we’ve been experiencing lately. All over the runways, there was an homage made to the Eastern side of the world. Shows were filled with traditional Asian embroideries, Kimono-inspired looks, and an overall oriental feel.

This trend calls for some major Asian fusion. Don’t go and buy a kimono just yet but rather look for something with the similar sleeve style and don’t think that the Asian floral prints are all that this trend has to offer. Great jeweled, particularly jade-colored, accessories are a fun and funky way of adding a little Eastern touch to your look – so don’t just opt for the Chinese red lipstick and try something new!

We Be Ridin’:

Along with the infectious and comedic ‘horse dance’ Psy created, something else from the stable has begun to trend. The polished, refined, and elite equestrian look was prominent in several collections. Gucci, Etro, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Tommy Hilfiger all showcased different interpretations of the classic look.

This trend requires you to put forth your most crisp, simplistic yet elegant, and sophisticated ensemble. Think of it as the elitist version of the East-coast preppy look.

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