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Pros and Cons: Spray Tans

As Mother Nature has reached the peaks of winter with negative degree weather, snow covered grounds, and winds that cause enormous amounts of pain; our skin’s complexion has plummeted. At this point of the year, most people feel that our paleness has reached an all-time low…so low that our anxieties are making us feel like ghosts or Snow White. Especially with spring break approaching rapidly, you may find yourself a little bit more self-conscious of your pasty skin, desperate to give yourself a little bit of color before exposing your hard-earned bikini body to the world.

With this in mind, spray tans have become increasingly popular. Over the past few weeks, people across campus are suddenly tan as the weekend approaches. Was there a really sunny and hot day that I somehow missed while living in the library? No, but there is a tanning place that is only a few minutes away from our campus by car. And then, it all made sense to me.

You may find yourself wondering: is it worth it to get that spray tan? I’ve only had one in my life for high school prom, but I’ve done a little bit of research and interviews to create a list of perks and potential fears to consider before entering that tan booth.

POSITIVES:Avoiding UV raysThis is definitely the biggest perk of spray tans. As we all know, excessive exposure to the sun or light from UV rays plays a major role in skin cancer and other diseases of the skin. Exposure is known to create more wrinkles and saggy skin as you age. While you are protecting your own health, you are also helping your future old-self look as young as possible!

Time frame: quick and easyA great thing about spray tans is that they are instant. You don’t need to spend hours baking in the sun or waiting for your self-apply lotion to dry. Instead, you can walk out of the tanning salon feeling sun kissed without the sun. Though, keep in mind that the smell, more often than not, is slightly nauseating and uncomfortable. But hey, even if you smell, at least you are tan!

NEGATIVES:Potential Oompa Loompa statusA spray tan gone wrong is probably everyone’s worst nightmare. Make sure you are honestly aware of your own complexion and how dark of a spray tan you can get without it becoming orange or simply too much in terms of believability. You definitely don’t want to be that girl who shows up to the party with uneven orange streaks running down your leg or awkward splotches on your forehead where the spray tan is beginning to wear off.

CostsWhile I’m sure the prices vary depending on where you go, excessive spray tans will eventually add up to a lot of money. If you are willing to pay for beauty, then by all means please do so. I, personally, would prefer spending the extra money on some food or special goodies, but that’s just me.

Doesn’t lastWhile it only takes a few minutes to get a spray tan, it really doesn’t last that long. This is okay, if you just want the tan for a special night out or for it to last a few days, but it can be a hassle to try to keep up with your tan and get one weekly. And that is also where the high costs eventually come in.

Whether you choose to get a spray tan or not in the midst of this chilly winter, don’t allow yourself to think that being tan is the only important thing in this world. Don’t stress and never fear throwing on some blush and going for the rosy cheek look. Plus, being pale in the winter only makes the wait for a real tan that you naturally get over the summer so much more worth it. 

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