An Open Letter to My Best Friends

Freshman year is a really hard transition period. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world changes. This struggle is not unique. Most freshmen feel this way and it can be hard to get through. Your circle of friends might change, your relationships might change, you’re becoming more self-sufficient, and trying to balance it all while getting through school. Doing this alone is impossible, and I am lucky to have had a good group of people to surround myself with. 


1. The Roommate-  Where do I begin?? My roommate got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly (mostly the ugly). She knows more about me than a lot of other people and got to suffer through me venting at 1 am and worrying her with all my problems. She kept me sane in the midst of everything changing in my life at once and I don’t know what I would do if I had to suffer through it all without her.


2. The Hometown Friend- When your living in the Bucknell Bubble and can’t get out its refreshing to have someone close from home. It’s nice to have someone who truly knows you and who you can count on to be there in the bad times. Bucknell would probably be insufferable without her. 

3. Your dorm neighbor- Second semester I met another one of my best friends and I haven’t stopped laughing since. She was always defending me and on my side and wasn’t afraid if people didn’t like her if she was on my side. That is something truly hard to find. Make sure you find that one person who won’t let you stand alone when everyone else is not on your team.

4. My New Friends- From Dunkin runs to eating five rounds of dinner in the caf, I am always laughing and being myself around my friends this year. From waiting until they cut that cake in the caf to getting acai refreshers from the seventh street (yeah we like food if you can’t tell) we are always having a good time no matter where we are.



5. My Friends at Home- I miss them so much it hurts. However, seeing them be successful and accomplishing all their goals makes me so happy. We may not talk every day but they always know that I am there for them and that I am just a phone call away. Plus don’t worry I will definitely be the friend at the wedding that shares all their embarrassing stories from high school.