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This one time at Bucknell, I felt like an outsider because I’m not your typical female Bucknellian. What advice do you have for the rest of campus to be more accepting?

To be honest, the rest of campus might be feeling the same way as you!  Every Patagonia on this campus is covering up more than a V-neck with Greek letters on it—they’re covering up insecurities.  I’d like to think that the “typical Bucknellian” refers an attitude rather than a physical appearance or personality type.  You’re motivated, aware, and independent.  I don’t have any advice for the rest of campus because you have to make the change!  Show people you’re confident with who you are, and you’ll see how quickly peoples’ attitudes will change.



I have a really great guy friend who I love hanging out with, but some people think we are dating. We have a completely platonic relationship, but we hang out at parties a lot and his presence gives off the wrong vibe to other guys. Is there any way I can hang out with him and pursue other hookups, or do I have to ditch my friend to get any action?

Do I know you?  Because you’re talking about my life.  Look, if this guy is as good of a friend as you say, he’ll understand your desire to get your freak on.  If spending time during the day isn’t enough, have a blast pregaming together, then explain to him that it’s your time to shine!  And unless the relationship isn’t as platonic as you think, he’s probably going to want to pursue other hookups as well.  “Ditching” is too harsh a term; you’re simply giving your friend a gentle nudge towards nighttime independence.



This one time at Bucknell… I went on this date that I didn’t know was a date until he paid for my dinner. It only gets better. Not only did I awkwardly thank him multiple times for paying for my dinner, when he offered to walk me home, I freaked out and said “no”. Accepting that he wouldn’t be coming home with me, he leaned in for a kiss. It would have been great if he hadn’t poked me in the eye with the rim of his glasses.  Oh, Bucknell.

Obviously you didn’t know it was a date!  Getting asked on a date is about as common as a hookup you’re proud of.  Aside from a little retinal trauma, I’d say you had a good night!  Counting this one as a win.



So this is an abroad one. My friend and I were at a club and these guys offered to buy us drinks. We’ll call them Shortie and Tallguy. So we’re chatting to both of these guys and I’m talking to tallguy and my friend is talking to shortie. Once we get our drinks we headed to the dance floor and continued talking to our respective guys and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN they SWITCHED ON US. Suddenly I was dancing with and kissing shortie and my friend was dancing with and kissing tallguy! And then they left. It all happened in the span of 15 minutes. It was CRAZY.

Sounds like a classic case of “too hot to handle.”  You both must have been exuding so much confidence that one guy just couldn’t handle it by himself!  Let’s focus on the fact that you get to experience a foreign country with your friend (and more importantly the fact that you got free drinks and little action). 



Yesterday on election day, a girl pulled out a $10 bill on the line to vote. She turned to the girl next to her asking if that would be enough. I feel like that’s something that only happens at Bucknell.

Yeah, that’s a federal offense so…

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