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Ode to Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

I would like to personally thank you for mastering the rollercoaster we all refer to as “Girl World” and for making the ride along the way a little bit more bearable…and hella more fun. Thanks for making me feel 22 even when I’m not; for making me realize that he was trouble when he walked in; for shaking it off when I see him flirting with another girl; and for reiterating that we are never, ever, ever getting back together. To put it simply, Taylor, I was enchanted to meet you. 

You somehow have a way with all kinds of people – from being nicknamed T-Swizzle by T-Pain to landing the cover of Vogue – you somehow have conquered the obstacle of being adorable yet respectable. How do you do it, Taylor? Your way with words allows you be a girl’s best friend, a shoulder to cry on, and a partner to awkwardly dance with when there are no other solutions. Your uncoordinated dance moves at every single award show give me the confidence I need to throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care. 

Every girl has that certain someone in mind when she’s singing along to your lyrics, no matter what kind of turmoil her love life is in at the moment. It’s like you’ve written that one song just for that girl. Whether girls want to see boys go down in flames or think they have that James Dean daydream look in their eyes, it’s like you’re right there next to us when we’re singing into our hairbrush in front of the mirror. 

And hey, huge shout out for growing up with me. You sang me through the awkward middle school years when I was worried about knocking into that cute guy who’s locker was next to mine and for singing about how hard turning fifteen can be, because newsflash: boys suck. I now know that I should’ve listened when you said I shouldn’t always believe him. Without you, I wouldn’t have known to try out different styles, whether it’s rocking both curls and bangs, or tossing out my country flannels for spring florals. Thanks for staying up with me when I went through my first heartbreak and for making me forget about him. Kudos to you for dating so many heartthrobs because who cares if the relationships didn’t work out? What matters is that you’ve been with me through the ups, the downs, and everything else in between. Keep doing you, because you’re clearly doing something right. 

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