An Ode to the "Blarf"

♫ It’s a blanket, it’s a scarf- it’s a blanket scarf! ♫

A staple in every colligates' fall/winter wardrobe: the blanket scarf, or “blarf,” can be used for a multitude of different purposes, making it a go-to fashion item! But, in case the infinite possibilities of such a multi-use item overwhelms you, Her Campus is here to list some of those options, and help make wearing a “blarf” easy for you this season!

Blarf” Use #1:

Make any fall/winter outfit look like you tried a lot harder than you did:


Believe it or not, these gals are just wearing short/long sleeve t-shirts and jeans! But, adding those fall colored ~blarfs~ turned these basic pairings into Pinterest pictures waiting to happen!

“Blarf” Use #2:

Unfold it, and wear it as a sweater/wrap!

You can even try belting it to make the outfit look more put together!

“Blarf” Use #3:

Wear it while traveling, and use it as a blanket or pillow!

How will YOU wear YOUR blarf this ~blarf~ season?!