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Nido: Lewisburg’s Best New Restaurant

On January 3rd, a new restaurant opened up in Lewisburg. The name Nido, meaning “nest” in Italian, could not be more fitting for this cozy little joint situated at 103 S Sixth Street. Nido has the same owner as the beloved Amami, located nearby on Market Street. While Amami is known for its delicious paninis, salads, and breakfast wraps, Nido advertises home-cooked pastas as the “star of the show.” 

Immediately upon entering, I was welcomed with the mouthwatering scent of fresh Italian food, and light music playing in the background.  The space is not big, yet it feels open and much larger than it is. Perhaps this is because we were some of the only people there—my friends and I arrived early on a Wednesday evening to avoid the rush of patrons. We were seated right away. After a short wait, we ordered the Pomodoro dip and the fried calamari to share as appetizers—and these did not disappoint. The dip was a scrumptious concoction of house-made marinara, basil pesto, and goat cheese, served with crunchy toasted Italian bread. As someone who is not particularly fond of goat cheese, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The calamari was served with a tangy lemon aioli that complimented it perfectly. We used the leftover dip for the calamari as well, which was a game changer. 

For my main meal, I ordered farfalle pasta with pesto, topped with burrata and pine nuts. My friend was able to order this same dish with gluten-free pasta as a substitute. As someone who has a great deal of experience with meager gluten-free pasta, she found that this gluten-free pasta was far superior to other kinds she has had before. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed our pastas, which were both rich and filling. My other friend ordered the bucatini salsiccia, which included thick spaghetti, sausage meatballs, artichoke hearts, and fresh marinara. Luckily, she allowed me to taste some of her pasta. I was absolutely blown away by the amazing texture of the noodles—al dente and hollow in the middle. 

Our visit to Nido certainly will not be our last. It is authentic Italian street food in a modern, yet casual, environment.  The restaurant currently varies on its opening hours, and the menu changes weekly. Nido will most likely have more of a fixed schedule in the near future. For now, you can follow their Instagram page (@nido.lewisburg) for updates on opening hours and menu changes. 

Bon appetit! 

All Photos Courtesy of Lexi Katz

Lexi Katz

Bucknell '20

Writer from Bucknell University
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