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The New Millennial Women: Why We’re Winning…in a Big Way

It’s 2014, and the women of our generation are thriving now more than ever. With technology to our advantage, we’re savvy and smart self-starters that get what we want. But how do we do it, you ask? Where’s the sudden confidence boost that’s made women all across the country-and all over the world-start their own businesses; speak their minds; express themselves through writing, the arts, fashion and more; and revolutionize the way we’re viewed in society? The answer: it’s the result of the Y2K “new age” rubbing off on us. And no, we’re not brushing this dirt off of our shoulders.

There have always been “It Girls.” Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn…need I name more? But the world simply admired them and put them on a pedestal. We praised-and still continue to admire-them for their lady-like manners, exquisite fashion choices, charm, and perfect looks; there’s no doubt that their influence has spanned decades. But who are the “It Girls” of today? Well, they’re the movers and shakers, the “New Millennial Women” doing big things…and as Miley would say, they can’t be tamed.

Look at Alexa Chung, the quirky host of Fuse News and sought-after muse of Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. Her latest book It gives us a glimpse into her world of music, love, laughter, and hilariously awkward moments that complement her refreshingly real, down-to-earth attitude that makes her oh so admirable. What about writer/producer/actress Lena Dunham, the completely candid, open, honest jack-of-all-trades that seems to be one of the hottest names in entertainment right now? Or take musician Sara Bareilles and model Cara Delevingne, two big name superstars that utilize social media to their utmost advantage…and don’t hide a thing. There’s no doubt that these women make us want to be as bold, fearless, and completely transparent as they are.

The “It Girls” of now are taking the attributes of New Millennials/Generation Y-ers (whatever nickname for our generation floats your boat) everywhere and running with them. I recently read an article in Philadelphia Magazine about how we, the New Millennials, are taking over the world in a big way. While some may say the people of our generation are egocentric (think social media), lazy, unoriginal, spoiled, and impatient, the truth is, we’re just misunderstood. We’re using social media to connect ourselves to others-and to the world at large. We’re expressing ourselves each and every day, each and every moment, all in 140 characters or less. We’re creating, inventing, and starting things on our own. We’re not just people to criticize, gawk at, or even admire…we’re curious about what’s happening around us, so we’re impacting the evolving world while creating ourselves. We’re public about all the moves we’re making, hoping to inspire others and engage in the new worldwide, New Millennial trend of sharing our experiences constantly. We’re real, willing to connect ourselves to everyone and everything, all while inspiring others through blogging, music, service projects, home-grown businesses, daring fashion choices, and the like. We don’t hold anything back. And the best part? The women of now have totally got this all down, re-defining who we are with the simple click-clack of keys on a computer or the tap-tap of the touch-screen keypad on an iPhone.


The concepts of “New Millennial” or “Social Media” may be lost on our parents’ generation, but as women of this era, we’re certainly wearing these things well. Life’s too short to hide behind a perfectly tailored pea coat or crisp slacks like the women of the past. They, unlike us, may have felt more comfortable with being recognized simply as “icons” rather than dynamic, unique, outstanding human beings. We, as connected, fabulous, confident, inspiring New Millennial women, are changing society’s perception of us and are making our mark as forces to be reckoned with. We’re coming out on top, and nothing’s gonna stop us now.





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