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Meet: Emma Roehlke

This week’s Campus Celeb is Emma Roehlke and boy, does she have a lot on her plate! Despite being an active member on campus, Emma has found time to intern for a company called Cloudy Inc. Read the interview to find out more about her project and an exciting upcoming event!


1. Can you introduce yourself to everyone?I’m a member of the Class of 2014, a Management major, Co-captain of the Cheerleading Team, member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a Student Docent at the Samek Art Museum.

2. How did you find out about Cloudy Inc.?They reached out to me through Theta and I applied for the internship.

3. How does this virtual internship work? What do you do?Cloudy is based in San Francisco so I communicate with my boss through e-mail and the app. The internship is doubling as a non-traditional study so I also have an adviser on campus. I meet with my adviser weekly to keep me on track with my marketing plan and brainstorm new ideas. My job is to create a strategic marketing plan for Bucknell’s campus and then carry it out throughout this semester.

4. What’s different about Memento from Instagram and YouTube?Like both of these, Memento captures and shares video. However, in Memento you can choose who you want to share your videos with instead of having a stream of everyone’s videos. You can edit your videos, send reactions and replies, as well as keep your Mementos in playlists.

5. What’s your favorite aspect of the app?I like its privacy and sharing capabilities as well as the great idea of keeping your videos in different playlists.

6. If there are some upcoming events are special promotions that you are hosting, please describe them for us!Look out for a competition starting after spring break co-sponsored with BSG class of 2014 where you can win prizes for the best Memento video.

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