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Meet Bithy Goodman, Culture Couture President and Future Fashion Historian (How cool?!)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.
Senior Bithy Goodman is a fashionista with flair.  As president of Bucknell’s Culture Couture, she has loved bringing big-city fashion to the streets of Lewisburg not only through her own sense of style, but also by creating runway looks (and stage costumes!) on our campus. Even cooler? Bithy has found an amazing way to combine her love of history with her passion for fashion. 
When did you love of fashion begin?
This is kind of a funny story. My first memory of being interested in fashion was when I was three years old. I had to stay in the hospital for a week. The only thing I really remember from it was that I refused to wear the gown because I thought it was ugly and instead I insisted on wearing these two floral sundresses for the whole week. So I did! Ever since then I have been rather particular about what I wear!
How did you first become involved with Culture Couture?

I became involved with Culture Couture my sophomore year when I became the secretary. My good friend Weslee Berke was the president at the time and she convinced me to join. Then for the show that year, which was circus-themed, I had this crazy idea to make dresses out of balloons and I’ve been involved ever since.

How is this group different from other organizations on campus?

How are we different? Hmm well I’m not sure. But what I personally enjoy about the club is that we are not just interested in fashion on a superficial level, but we are interested in examining culture. The club prides itself on crossing an important cultural bridge between the world of fashion and the Bucknell bubble. Whether it is through our in-depth discussions of Bucknell dress culture, educational New York trips, alumnae events and relationships, or our annual Fashion Show (which is Saturday April 28th at 2 pm on the Smith Quad!!!) we are passionate about establishing a relationship between students and fashionable dress.

Your annual student-run fashion show is set to be in a few weeks. What can we expect?

As I mentioned above, the fashion show this year is on Saturday April 28th at 2pm on the Smith Quad with a reception afterward in the Samek art gallery!!! The theme this year is “Around the World.” The show features 20 student designs (modeled by students). They are inspired by global landmarks, landscapes, and cultures. It features a huge range of talent and an equally impressive range of looks. Every designer brings something unique and interesting to the runway, and it is always so much fun to see what people here at Bucknell can create. This year in particular will be an especially culturally upbeat experience! Also, its free!!!

Do you hope to pursue a career in fashion post graduation?
Not exactly haha. I thought I had wanted to pursue a design career, but I have sort of switched gears since working on my thesis, which is on the fashion of the French Revolution. I have always loved history and have realized in the past year that I would like to be a fashion historian (yes, that is a real thing.) I am looking to take a year off and then go to grad school for History of Dress. I am looking mostly at schools in London. So I guess you could say that I will pursue a career in fashion!
Spot on Campus:Willard Smith Library, 7st Street Cafe. Also, I basically live in the Theatre Costume Shop 
Meal at Bucknell: I’m a tried and true caf-goer since Freshman year. Bostwick Market Place is where it’s at.
Class: Either “Shakespeare and Film” with Jean Peterson or the French Revolution seminar I took with David Del Testa. I am such a nerd, haha
Thing about Bucknell: To be honest, I really like the brick. That is the thing that drew me to Bucknell. I know this sounds like a weird answer, but I always notice aesthetics. So, I really connect with the way the brick looks and feels. I appreciate how classic it feels, and I connect with how it gives the campus a very nostalgic sense.  
Freeze Flavor: I really dig their sorbets :)
Fun Facts:
-I was Be Fashion Magazine’s Female Style Icon for their Winter 2011 issue!
-I don’t like to wear pants. I prefer to wear shorts and tights. Its kind of my signature.
-My real name is Elizabeth, but I have gone by Bithy since I was a few months old when my brother, who was 2 at the time, made it up.
-I’m not a big-city chick. After a few days in New York I feel claustrophobic haha. I prefer more open spaces. Plus, I think fashion isn’t just for big cities but belongs everywhere!
-My favorite thing to do is read.
Cameron is a senior at Bucknell University pursuing degrees in English and Theatre. Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, she is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and recently spent a semester abroad in London (tea and scones galore!). Her favorite things include (but are not limited to) anything with the word "coffee" in it, her two shih tzus, peppermint gum, reality tv, and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, dancing, staying active, and singing. Her claim to fame? She was a street shoutout on the show "Cash Cab".