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Mask and You Shall Receive: Where to Buy Cute and Dependable Masks

Returning to school and in-person jobs this month means plenty of back-to-school shopping and preparation for the year. As we head into our sixth month of quarantine, one hot staple to add to your shopping list includes a face mask or face covering! While this school year may look different, that doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your usual style for a plain mask. Here are some cute and dependable alternatives that you can rock no matter where you may be heading!


1. Skims Seamless Face Mask, Individual or Bundle (https://skims.com/collections/accessories#?style=Mask)

These masks, created by Kim Kardashian, are lightweight, versatile, washable, soft, breathable - basically everything you could ask for. Reviews even claim that these masks pass the “candle test,” ensuring that they are very efficient in blocking dust, allergens, or germs. Although keeping up with these masks may be more difficult than keeping up with the Kardashian’s drama, currently most mask bundles are sold out. That being said, you can still join the waitlist for their five different colored and individualized masks. For $8 a piece, clearly these masks are a hot commodity, so make sure to keep an eye out for the next restock. 


2. Kitsch Cotton Face Masks (https://mykitsch.com/collections/cotton-face-masks)

If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the past few months, you’ve probably seen an ad for colorful Kitsch face masks. Kitsch charges $12 for a 3 piece set of cotton, reusable masks with varying different colors and patterns. Right now, their most popular set features a neutral tie-dye, a solid beige, and a micro dot, ensuring there will be at least one mask to perfectly match your outfit. With so many different options for everyone, you’re guaranteed to have someone stop and ask you where you got your mask. 


3. Athleta Everyday or Made to Move Masks (https://athleta.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1162979&nav=meganav%3AMasks%3ACATEGORIES%3AMasks%20%26%20More)

Working out while wearing a mask can present many challenges, such as getting enough air flow or ensuring the mask does not fall off. These Athleta masks could be the perfect solution. With 17 different colors and two different styles, these masks are much more airy and breathable than most cotton face coverings. Also, the adjustable straps secure both sides of the mask will stay put no matter what physical activity you may pursue. 


4. Baublebar Adjustable Face Mask, Set of 2 (https://www.baublebar.com/category/whats-new/face-masks.html)

Baublebar has by far the most stylish masks out of all the options listed. They are bold, bright, textured, embroidered, tie-dyed, or even sequined. In addition to their many wonderful colors and styles, they even offer miniature versions of masks for the whole family to match. Once again, these masks are adjustable too, and if you are feeling fancy, they also sell a convertible and gold plated mask chain. No matter what way you wear your Baublebar mask, it will not fall off. 


5. Target Face Masks and Bandanas (https://www.target.com/c/face-masks-and-bandanas/-/N-7tvo0)

Target offers countless different brands and styles of both face masks and coverings for some of the lowest prices. Options range from disposable to fabric to even plastic face shields. Shopping for the entire family? Target’s got you covered. Their selection of prints even includes popular sports teams or children’s tv shows (basically all bright themes that you could think of).

Kelty is a third-year writer at Bucknell from Wayne, PA
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