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Man Repellant or Man Magnetic?

The fashion world for women changes on a regular basis, as different trends capture the eyes of every girl out there. It is quite interesting that while we, women, find certain trends rather fashionable and appealing, some men out there tend to disagree. This is referred to as “the man repeller.” After some research and chatting with guy friends, I formulated a list of current trends guys aren’t crazy for…

  1. Strapless Bikinis

    Although most girls love their strapless bikini to stray away from those tan lines, most guys prefer the triangle bikini instead. The strapless bikini tends to make you look more “flat” according to guys.

  2. Uggs

    Every girl had a pair of Uggs in middle school and some kept the trend going, but these boots are the most popular trend that guys hate. 

  3. High Wasted Pants/Shorts

    It really depends the way you wear them and your body type.

  4.  Heavy Eye Makeup

    If you wear heavy eye makeup regularly, it may turn a guy off. 

  5.  Big Sunglasses

    Guys tend to dislike the big sunglasses look; for them, it is as if you have bug eyes.  

  6. Wedged Sneakers

    This just confuses them… 

  7. Oversized Earrings 

Some earrings look as if they are going to rip your ears off. Also, when you are hanging out with a guy, oversized earrings tend to get in the way…

Some of this insight comes as quite a surprise for women. However, it is quite obvious to tell which trends men adore, one of them being basically anything that accentuates your curves… 

Even though it is interesting to hear about the trends that guys dislike and like on girls, it does not mean that you have to alter your look for them. In reality, guys aren’t going to critique every detail of your outfit because they do not really care. In actuality, most girls dress to impress other girls (except on that one-day or two that you want to impress a guy). But, if you over do it, it gives off the wrong impression, which is the ultimate man repeller…

Remember… there is always a way to look hot, in a classy way.

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