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Lets Talk about “The Bachelor”

It’s the most DRAMATIC season yet!

Despite the unfavorable odds of a “happily-ever-after” ending, I still tune in every season to watch “The Bachelor.”  Yes, the chance of two people finding love on a reality TV show is unlikely, and “The Bachelor” doesn’t have the greatest track record; but it is one of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows.  I mean, who doesn’t want to watch 26 catty girls fight over one hottie bachelor? It’s good TV.  For those of you who will also admit to being an avid fan of the show, here is my perspective and some of my predictions on this season of “The Bachelor” with Sean Lowe.

Sean.  Reason number one why I (and every other girl) will be watching this season.  Thank you ABC for giving us a bachelor much hotter than Ben and much nicer than Brad or Jake. 

So far this season we have learned that Sean:

  • can cook
  • is very close with his family
  • is a perfect gentleman
  • loves practical jokes
  • loves working out—and has the body to prove it

Some think ABC may be overdoing it with the countless scenes displaying Sean working out or him slowly removing his t-shirt. Call these scenes cliché, call them staged; you can call them whatever you want, but we all know we love watching him lift weights, showing off his perfectly sculpted abs.  Potential drinking game—drink every time Sean’s shirt is off. Anyway, whoever does successfully win Sean’s heart is a lucky lady. 

The Bachelorettes

  • Sarah—Sarah is one of my favorites so far. Despite her disability of having one arm, she seems to have a great personality, and she is stunning. She is fun and cute and had the courage to free-fall off of a skyscraper with Sean on their date.  I don’t know if I could ever do that, even for a guy, so bravo Sarah! Unfortunately, on Sarah and Sean’s one-on-one date, I didn’t see tons of chemistry. I think Sarah has the chance to go far, but I don’t see her making it to the end.
  • Desiree—I can already tell Sean really likes Desiree. Already giving her a nickname, “Des,” Sean basically told her she doesn’t have to worry about not getting a rose and that she’s going to be there for a while. Keep playing your cards right Des, and you may be in it for the long haul. (Unless you have a boyfriend, i.e see promo of future episodes)
  • Lesley M—Lesley is a cute girl from DC. She is also one of my favorites. However, her kiss with Sean during the group date of episode two was slightly awkward. I can tell Lesley is a smart girl, and Sean would be lucky to choose her. I haven’t decided on her and Sean’s chemistry yet.
  • Tierra—Ah yes, there always has to be a Tierra. She is that one girl in the house who no one likes and is constantly creating all of the drama. Tierra is going to be the girl this year that repetitively says, “I didn’t come here to make friends. I came here for Sean.”  Unfortunately for Sean, if this is like every other season, he is going to be completely blinded by her flirting and looks to see her true colors. Let’s hope this isn’t another Courtney/Ben or Vienna/Jake scenario with Tierra winning, leaving Sean to see who she really is after the season ends. Side-note:  check out her insane eyebrow arch next week.
  • Lindsay—Lindsay decided to be courageous and wear a wedding dress to the first cocktail party. A part of me thought it was super creepy and made her look desperate. The other part of me thought it was cute and funny, and it made a lasting impression. Lucky for Lindsay, I think Sean thought the latter as she is still around. I can tell Sean likes Lindsay, and she is in many of the promos for upcoming scenes in the later parts of the season. I predict Lindsay to be in the top four. 


  • Selma—I don’t know much about Selma other than she kind of looks like Ashley Greene. I also think Sean really likes her. From what I’ve seen so far, I think Selma has the chance to go far too.
  • Kacie B—Did everyone recognize Kacie B when she got out of the limo? To refresh your memory, she’s the girl who made it to the hometown dates in Ben’s season only to not get a rose because her parents scared Ben. Now she has asked for a second chance because she developed a crush on Sean after meeting him at a Bachelor event (Does anyone else ever wonder what these bachelor-cult events are like?). Despite their reassuring conversation, I think she may still be in the friend zone.  Sean has repeatedly said that when they met he thought of her as a cool friend, but now that he knows he can explore his feelings for Kacie differently, he will.  Maybe he will eventually see her the way that she sees him, but I wouldn’t hold your breath Kacie.
  • Amanda—I don’t really know much about her yet other than that her occupation is Fit Model. Judging from the most recent cocktail party, she may be another girl to stir up drama in the house. I have no comment yet on her relationship with Sean, other than that she’s not dressing to impress him.
  • Catherine—You might remember her as the girl who said, “I’m vegan, but I love the beef.”  She’s really cute and has a unique exotic look to herself. I think Sean really likes her, and I am hopeful that Catherine goes far. I’d like to point out that, thanks to Robyn’s conversation, Sean says he’s interested in diverse girls so this can be a plus for Catherine. 

I am aware that there are many more bachelorettes to comment on, but I found these to be the necessary ones. I haven’t decided on a girl yet to win the whole thing, but I think Lindsay or Desiree have a chance or will least make it to hometowns.  What are your predictions?

I highly recommend you follow @Possessionista on Twitter for some hilarious live-tweeting every Monday night. She has the best things to say about every LOL moment on the show. I also recommend you visit www.betcheslovethis.com for an also hilarious recap of The Bachelor every week.

Tune in Monday nights at 8/7 CT on ABC!



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