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The Keystone XL Saga

Recently, there has been much attention regarding the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed $5.4 billion project will be built to transport crude oil from Canada to Texas. This pipeline could have detrimental effects on climate change, animal habitats, and water contamination. Yet, environmentalists and all other concerned persons do not panic – yet. President Obama has yet to make an official decision regarding this pipeline but promised to do so in a few months. Furthermore, in opposition of the Keystone XL, an approximate thousand people engaged in a silent protest in Washington DC. As part of the XL Dissent, a protest against the proposed pipeline extension, the protesters marched from Georgetown University to the White House. On their way, they also stopped by the residence of US Secretary of State John Kerry to pressure him to also reject the project. Hundreds of these activists were concerned college students from more than 40 different universities. During the protest, several hundred demonstrated a mock-oil spill by pretending to be dead on a black sheet. Their overall message to the president: Don’t be swayed by the economic pros and consider the negative impact such a project will have on our generation. Amidst the demonstrations, protestors have also threatened to take away their votes from the Democratic party if Obama approves the pipeline. Such action could have negative effects on campaign funding and overall support for the future decisions of the Democratic party. Moreover, whatever the final decision may be regarding the Keystone XL, it is inspiring to see fellow peers voice their opinions and concerns. However, considering its past record, there’s no telling how much the government will actually listen to the younger generations. No matter what, as of now, concerned individuals can only continue to seek out support from other members of Congress and government as well as make their intentions loud and clear.


For more information about XL Dissent, visit their website here: http://xldissent.org/





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