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It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning-Mother’s Day is May 13th!

As all of our Mothers get ready for us to return home for the summer, they are also preparing for the one-day for their children to celebrate everything they do.  In the midst of studying for finals, you may have forgotten about this seemingly meaningless holiday.  But come on, Mothers look forwards to each May!  If you are guilty of giving the standard gift cards, picture frames, and Bucknell T-shirts, here are some more unique and meaningful gift ideas you can have ready for mom when you show up at her doorstep.

Baked Goods- prices vary
If you aren’t traveling far from Bucknell, you could always stop at the Catherman’s bakery on North Front street to pick up some delicious baked goods.  If your food won’t make the cut, try to make a delicious cake for your mother from scratch.  One of my favorite recipes, albeit one of the most unhealthy, is Paula Dean’s Gooey Butter Cake.  Either way, mom’s taste buds will be satisfied, and she will appreciate the effort!
A favorite book- $5-20
Mother’s love to see their daughters growing into young, beautiful, and intelligent women.  By giving your mom one of your favorite books, she will share a similar bond with the book, and get a piece of your mind.  You could also write in the cover of the book explaining why you chose this particular book to give to your mother.
A potted plant: $5-$25
Not only is this a relatively cheap option, but it also offers a visual aesthetic that your mother can display.  If you want to get really nostalgic and creative, you could even decorate the pot for you mother.  One of the especially great things about potted plants is that they can be kept indoors for years of enjoyment and memories.
A Magazine Subscription- $10-$30
No matter what interests your mother has, you are sure to find a magazine she will enjoy.  Just like the potted plant, this gift will be a monthly reminder of how much you love and appreciate her.  She might even find new recipes, stores, or ideas that may come back to benefit you!  Check out www.magazines.com for some great subscription deals!
Snapfish scrap book- $25
This gift is great of you have a ton of siblings.  The Snapfish website is super easy to navigate, and allows you to upload and place pictures into a personal scrapbook. Personally, I like to make themed pages from different years of my life, different family vacations, or just random family photos throughout.  The program also lets you write text into the book to add to the sentimental value. Check out the website www.snapfish.com .
TOMS Shoes-$50-$80
Mom’s love to be comfy and fashionable just like we do, and they also like the idea of giving back.  There are so many different styles of TOMS available that you are sure to find one that fits your mother’s wardrobe nicely. 
A mother-daughter spa session- prices vary
What better way to show your mother you care than to pamper her a little?  Plus you benefit from the treatment as well.  In addition to the relaxation, you also get to catch up, and have some lovely girl time after a rough finals week.

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