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How to stay cozy & cute this snowy season: 2022 winter trends I’m loving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

At a school like Bucknell, one of the most important things to learn–aside from where the best spots in the library are and how to create the best wrap combos at the Bison–is how to stay warm yet still look your best when the average temperature is 20 degrees. Waking up for a 9am class is hard as it is, but it’s nearly impossible when the weather app reads “8°” and “feels like 3°”—the ultimate trick is to find your winter staples that actually make you want to go to class. Seems impossible? Here are some trends I’m loving this season:


This one is more of a hack than a trend, but layer layer layer!!! Nothing is worse than bundling up to face the cold winds while walking to class only to be profusely sweating in your thick wool sweater for the first fifteen minutes of class (and masks only make it worse). Now imagine this: a thin long sleeve turtleneck under your favorite cozy crewneck under a big puffy jacket and topped with a scarf and a hat. I promise, you’ll not only be nice and warm as you walk from your dorm to your class but you’ll also be the perfect temperature in class after you shed those top layers. Plus, you’ll look like you put effort into styling your fit when really you’re just wearing a few of your essential closet items. Throw on some jewelry and you’re basically ready to walk the runway, or at least the streets of New York. Essentially, layers are your best friend. 

Go-To Puffer

This one feels a bit like old news, but you really can’t go wrong with a nice go-to puffer coat. It seems like this trend started last year and never lost steam. Out go the excessively over-priced (and unethical?) Canada Gooses and in come the puffer coats—in so many colors! My personal favorite is white, but these marshmallow-esque outerwear come in basically every style you could think of: black, neon pink, metallic purple, baby blue, and so much more! More importantly, they’re actually SO warm. Does anyone else remember being in middle school/high school and refusing to wear jackets because they weren’t cool? (No? Just me?) Well, that’s definitely over. Puffer coats can be dressed up or down, and they’re the perfect shape to flatter all body types. And there are so many great options out there. If you don’t already own a puffer coat (or five), I hope I’ve convinced you!

Big Scarves

Ok, hear me out, big fluffy scarves. I will admit, I stole this trend from my TikTok feed, but they’re honestly super cute and effective! They’re the perfect winter accessory because they keep you extra warm while adding an easy touch to your outfit. Boring monochrome outfit? Throw on a colorful scarf! Too much color in your outfit? Throw on a big grey scarf to tie it all together. You really only need two, but no one’s stopping you from building a small collection. Another plus with this trend is that you can definitely support some local businesses or independent shops. I officially think the bundled-up-and-cozy look is in. 

Black Boots 

When are these not a staple? But seriously, finding the right pair of black boots can really elevate your winter look (especially if it has a platform). Walking through the snowy pathways around campus in your sneakers? As if! Walking around with black boots? Powerful. There’s also so many options: tall boots, short boots, platform boots, the classic Doc., etc. Not to mention, they match with pretty much any outfit. Black boots FTW!

Sweat Sets

Another more recent trend that I’m really into. Who knew sweats could become one of my most put together outfits? I feel like so many companies are selling sweat sets now, and they’re the perfect Friday fit. Whether it’s a tie-dye set or a monochrome one, they give off the vibe of I’m-cozy-and-chic. Moreover, purchasing a sweat set equals purchasing three outfits because you can either wear them as a set or individually.

Nicole Yeager

Bucknell '22

Nicole is a senior writer majoring in Literary Studies and Psychology with minors in Arts Entrepreneurship and Social Justice. She spends most of her time on campus finding new places to read, drinking vanilla lattes, and sending emails. She believes HerCampus is a great platform for college women to express their unique thoughts and experiences in a fun way.