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My freshman year dorm room was a small rectangle with absolutely no aesthetic appeal. My roommate used to create horrible crafts and hang them as decoration. Since we put no effort into the presentation of our room, we let it get dirty quicker and wanted to spend less time in it. When I moved dorms the next year, I made it a goal to curate my room. I quickly learned that decorating is an enjoyable and therapeutic way to get creative and learn your sense of style. Additionally, you eat, sleep, work, hangout and everything in between in your dorm. It is important that it is a place you are happy to come home to. Here are a few ways you can do this. 

  1. Change the Set Up

It is easy to come into your new room the way you found it and start unpacking. However, I suggest moving your furniture around a little bit. Maybe the bed looks better where the desk is, or perhaps putting your bed against the window opens the room up a bit. Do not be afraid to play around until you find a set up that best fits your space. 

  1. Get Creative with Your Lights 

You are going to want an additional source of light besides the overhead one in every room. Whether you opt for LED lights or maybe a sunshine lamp, try to make it unique. I personally think LED lights lining the ceiling have grown to give less trendy and more frat boy. I suggest lining your LED lights closer to the floor for a more stylish look. Instead of hanging your string lights on the walls, try wrapping them around your mirror. I saw these cowboy string lights on Urban Outfitters, and I think they are the perfect way to step up your lighting game!

  1. Frame your Posters

One of the easiest ways to take your room from dorm to apartment vibes is by framing your posters. Find a frame that compliments the poster as well as the other colors in your room. The frame will make it pop from the wall, and give your poster a more chic look. If you have several posters, the way you orient them can add a tasteful look to your room. I have always liked placing several pictures close to each other like shown below. 

  1. Use Books as Decoration

As a book lover, I tend to have a plethora of books lying around my dorm room. Instead of standing them on my desk, I like to create stacks of books and place them in my room. For example, my mirror has stacks of books on each side. This year, I bought these shelves to hold a few books as decoration. They are perfect for making use of extra wall space as well as a great conversation starter; other book lovers always make their way over to look at my collection. So, when you’re not using your books, do not just stick them in your desk, put them on display as an easy but charming decoration. 

  1. Have an Extra Chair Around 

It only takes a few days of college to learn that a dorm room is not a great place to host a large number of people. However, when all your friends live in dorms you do not have much choice! Whether it is a simple bean bag, ottoman or stool try to have a piece of furniture for guests to sit other than your bed. You will be able to comfortably fit more people in your room, as well as giving your dorm a more apartment type look. 

  1. Bring Something from Home

Moving away from your childhood bedroom is a huge transition! It may be an opportunity to ditch the bright teal that has haunted your walls since you have been ten, but nevertheless it is bittersweet. I would consider taking the jewelry box your aunt gave you, or the candle that reminds you of your mom. This way while you are making your room more stylish, you are still making it reflective of you.

Maggie Smith

Bucknell '24

My name is Maggie Smith and I am from Syracuse, New York. I am a sophomore majoring in English, and I enjoy reading, fashion and travel.