How to Succeed at the Spring Job Fair

Any networking or career event can be intimidating especially if it’s one of your firsts. To stand out and make the most out of the event is tough. HerCampus has all the essentials you need to know before you step foot in the fieldhouse!

Research employers.

Pick out the employers you’re interested in and do your research. It will be impressive if you mention or ask about an industry trend, an article you saw in the news about the employer, or something related to their mission statement.

Come prepared with questions.

Make a list of questions, for each employer if you want to tailor them, and have them in your folder or portfolio that you carry around the fair. Having a list of notes and questions will make you stand out - clearly you came prepared!

Have your resume reviewed.

Go to the CDC and sit down with someone to look over your resume. If you don’t have one yet, look up the basics and put something together then print it out and visit the CDC!

Prepare your elevator pitch.

This is your 30 second introduction about yourself when you walk up to an employer. Talk about your major, why you’re interested in the company, anything that makes them want to have a conversation with you.

Dress Well and Comfortably.

If you don’t have anything business casual, ask a friend or hall mate. If not, do your best to assemble something professional looking. Also, please dress in something you’re comfortable in. You want to be as confident and comfortable as possible, not constantly shifting your blouse and aching in pain from your heels!


Stand in front of the mirror and practice your elevator pitch. Run it by a friend and have them tell you how you did. Don’t forget to smile! Also, use booths you’re maybe not as interested in to practice that way you’re warmed up for the employer you’ve been dying to network with.

Follow up.

Arguably the most important part of the fair: after the fair! Get contact information by asking for a business card and send a personalized thank you card and/or email. Help them remember you by mentioning something from the conversation you had.


Take a breath and smile. This is just one of the many opportunities you’ll have as a college student to network and learn about internship/job offerings. You’ll be fine!