How to Spread the Love Without Spreading Covid This Valentine’s Day

One of the biggest lasting effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has left on society is: distance. Over the past year, we have learned how to go weeks and even months without seeing our loved ones. Day trips and weekend visits have diminished; FaceTime calls have taken the place of real face-time; and the phrase “touch-deprived” has taken on a whole new meaning. Even when you get the chance to physically be with those you love, dinner dates are replaced with take-out and date activities are limited to outdoor, distanced activities with no smooching (thanks to the masks we have all come to know). 

These effects are being amplified more than ever on one very special day this weekend especially: Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you are lucky enough to physically be with your valentine this year or only with them in your hearts for the time being, here are some Covid-safe activities to make the fourteenth of February as special as ever! 

Dorm Room Dinner Date

For those of us who are on a college campus with their valentine, in the midst of a pandemic, going out on a traditional date might not be the best idea. With a bit of creativity and borrowed or rearranged furniture, however, your dorm room can easily be transformed into a romantic restaurant (with the seating capacity of two). A side table, small shelf, or even a futon can be turned into a table; all you have to do now is add a candle, some nice glasses (or red solo cups), and table settings for two! One of the benefits of this is that you can either dress up or wear comfy clothes. Next, order take-out from you or your partner’s favorite local restaurant and enjoy! Another added bonus of this is that the dining room and the bedroom happen to be in the same room.


DoorDash Dinner Date

If you and your valentine happen to be in different parts of the world this year, no need to fret because DoorDash is here! A fun and creative way to have a dinner date from different zip codes is for each partner to order food for the other through DoorDash and have it delivered to them. Once both of you have your take-out dinner, all you have to do is prop up your phone and FaceTime each other! While this will likely feel distanced compared to a regular dinner date, the amount of effort and dedication to the relationship will make up for any feelings of distance. 

Netflix (Party) & Chill 

Another take on the classic movie date is having a virtual movie date. Many long-distance couples, who have been surviving the pandemic for a whole year now, are familiar with Netflix Party. This extension of Netflix allows two parties to view the same show or movie at the same time with an added chat function. For those who don’t have Netflix, another option is to watch the same show or movie some other way while FaceTiming or video chatting. While this might seem like a simple idea, putting aside two hours or so and calling it a “date” can really mean a lot when you are unable to physically be with your valentine. A shared sense of connection, even if it is through Netflix, is enough to make any day special with the one you love. 


In addition to these date ideas, there are many other things you can do following the limitations of the pandemic to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It could be something as simple as sending a package or a gift box of your partner’s favorite candy, snacks, and other small presents; or, if you are in person and respecting distancing rules, you can drop this gift box off at their door. If you are creative and tech-savvy, or just really love your partner, you could create something digitally to send to them—a song, a video, a slideshow of your favorite pictures together, etc. 


The most important thing to remember is that distance is temporary and there are so many ways to keep your relationship going through these times!