How to Power Through the End-of-Semester Slump

It’s that time of year again, folks. The clocks have been turned back, and we find ourselves immersed in darkness by the pre-dinner hour of 5 p.m. Our sleep schedules are completely messed up, and we feel like we would be better off hibernating until it’s warm again. However, this is not the time to be lazy, my friends. With finals rapidly approaching right around the corner, professors expect students to be on their A-game. Here’s how to stay happy and healthy through the end-of-semester slump!


1. Wake up earlier!

One advantage to this gloomy time of year is that it gets a lot brighter a lot earlier. This makes it a billion times easier to wake up. Use this to your advantage, and make the most of the hours that it’s light out. If you can get more tasks accomplished during the day, you’ll find yourself going to bed earlier, and getting an even better night’s sleep.

2. E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E

I don’t care how cold, or how dark, or how stormy it is. That’s certainly not an excuse to stay indoors! This is the time of year that we tend to let our health fall by the wayside. We think we’re doing ourselves a favor by staying in and watching just one more episode on Netflix. Exercise has amazing mental benefits, besides the obvious physical ones. If you want to ace your finals, dedicating some time for yourself at the gym can really boost your brain function, as well as your mood!

3. Smile!

This one is easier said than done. If we’re constantly stressing out, we can’t enjoy the simple pleasures that come along with this time of the year. Putting aside the fact that the colorful trees are turning bare, the transition from fall to winter is actually an amazing and beautiful thing. Soon enough, the first snowfall will arrive, and you won’t appreciate it if you’re too busy sulking about the unfairness that you aren’t living in the tropics. Put things into perspective. These finals don’t define who you are. All you have to do is your best, and the rest is out of your glove-covered hands. Drink some hot cocoa and delve into the holiday spirit. We’ll be on break sooner than you know!