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How to Play Plaid This Fall

Fall 2014 is mad for plaid! This classic pattern instantly goes from preppy to posh when styled with the right couture. Play this it-print by the trends for all your favorite activities this fall! Here are a few ways to play plaid chic.


1. Wear this bold pattern with basic bottoms.

Whether with your skinniest-jeans or a classic black circle skirt and tights, a plaid top and solid bottom is ultra chic. Pair it with a cute pair of flats or booties and strut your stuff!


2. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist.

Who can do ’90s style better than a ’90s baby herself? Bring back the grunge-style and add an unexpected pop of plaid around your waist. Pair this trend with denim bottoms, a simple tank or tee, and your favorite boots.


3. Glam up your flannel and lay on a faux-fur vest.

Nothing screams cozy more than your favorite flannel and your comfy fur vest. Pair these two together to be both trendy and comfortable.


4. Layer with plaid.

Fall is layer season! Wear a plaid button down underneath your favorite sweater to stay warm, yet super stylish. With your go-to jeans and riding boots, this outfit screams sophisticated fashionista.


5. Plaid Pants are a fashion DO.

Let spunky meet trendy; plaid ankle-length pants with a basic top is fall fashion-forward. Wear a statement necklace or a chic jacket to rock this look from day to night.

6. Accessorize with plaid.

Styling with plaid accessories is a great way to effortlessly glam up. Add trend to your everyday outfits with a pair of plaid shoes, a chic plaid jacket, or a plaid scarf.


Although plaid is bold, be confident in your style and rock this autumn trend like the fashionista that you are!

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