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How To Look Like You’re In Shape (When You’re Not)


We all have those special events or certain days when we want to look good.  Not just good in the sense that you spent more time than usual on your make-up, but good in the sense that you spent an hour at the gym everyday for the past year.  While it is impossible to shed ten pounds over the span of a week, there are many tricks out there that can help you look fit and thin fast.   Innovative beauty products, flattering fashion trends, and undetectable shape-wear can all help to make you look your best in a beat!


Self Tanner

It is widely known that a great tan, whether real or fake, makes any woman look better.  I advise avoiding the tanning booths because it is well established that you exponentially increase your chances of developing melanoma and other skin cancers.  Furthermore, there is no need to when there are so many sunless products at any given drugstore.  Self-tanning products even out your skin tone, hide imperfections (such as cellulite), and give you a healthy glow.  I recommend the classic Jergens tanning lotion, which gradually develops over a few days, or an aerosol spray. I also recently used Tan Towels, which were very easy to apply and

dried quickly.  They specifically claim to give your body a boost with their slogan “Look Good Naked.”  With any tanning product you use, be sure to apply it evenly over your body (it usually clumps and gets blotchy around the ankles and knees) and wash your palms after!


Dress Strategically

You hopefully know your body well enough to know your assets and your not-so-hot spots.  Women are usually classified into two categories when it comes to body shape: apples and pears.  While it may seem ridiculous (you’re telling me I’m the shape of produce?) I firmly believe in this categorization.  Women tend to hold fat in either their hips and thighs, or their belly.  Hence, pears tend to have tiny waists but fuller thighs, whereas apples have skinny legs and rounder bellies.   Belted dresses (that are not skin tight) look phenomenal on pears – they highlight the waist and disguise the thighs.  Tailored pants paired with a flowy blouse and fitted jacket will highlight apple’s skinny legs and the jacket will help to define the waist.  And, no matter what body type you have, heels and wedges make anybody look longer and leaner, so throw on a pair to complete your look and you’ll be good to go.


Avoid the Obvious

On a day-to-day basis, there are some items of clothing any woman should steer clear of if she wants to look her thinnest.  Jean cut off shorts are a no-no. As are baggy sweats and t-shirts.  People are sometimes under the illusion that if they wear baggy clothes they will simply hide their figure altogether, but the reality is such clothes will just make you look larger than you actually are.

When In Doubt, Resort to Spanx

There’s a reason Spanx founder Sara Blakely has a net worth of $1 billion.  Spanx revolutionized shape wear for the modern woman.  One of the reasons Spanx is so popular is that the garments are discreet – under slacks or a tight dress, no one would ever assume you were wearing shape-wear because it is so seamless and comes in a variety of neutral colors to best suit you.  No wonder Spanx sells $250 million worth of merchandise a year! Whether you need a “tummy tamer” or “booty boost,” Spanx’s full line of products is bound to have just the thing you need to produce the illusion of a fit bod.

Outfits can no doubt work miracles for you, but it’s harder to hide trouble spots when bikini season rolls around.  If you’re having trouble getting your booty in gear, try to get motivated to work out with friends, try new exercise classes, or even just start walking to class more.  Small changes can make big differences and keep in mind that while it may be easy to fake fit once in awhile, there is no replacement for a healthy diet and exercise regimen!  

Margaret is a senior at Bucknell University majoring in psychology and economics. She is a campus correspondent for Her Campus Bucknell, a member of the women's squash team, and spent last semester abroad in Rome. She loves all kinds of music from Michael Buble to old-school hip hop, Kiawah Island (SC), Oprah magazine, crossword puzzles and going out to leisurely weekend brunches with her friends. 
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