How to Look Cute When it's so Freaking Cold Out

It is that time of year when the snow is falling and so is the temperature. Check your closets ladies because it’s officially layers and puffy jackets season.

The eternal struggle in the winter is: how to look cute when it’s so freaking cold out. Do we waste time on wearing cute tops when they are just going to be covered by large coats protecting us from frost bite? No! In fact, the solution to this is all in the accessories.

The best part of winter is picking out cute scarves and fun hats to help either dress up or dress down your normal outfit. Long, oversized scarves that hang down to your upper thighs are all the hype right now. Pair a simple white top with a bright colored scarf and black jacket, and you will be ready to face the tundra in no time.

Now that your necks covered, let’s focus on the other body parts we can dress up with trendy accessories. Earmuffs are an accessory that are quite underrated. Purchase some white, furry earmuffs or even one of the wool ear headbands that go around your whole head to add a little pizazz to your outfit. Let’s not forget about the other best head accessory: hats! Having a bad hair day? Need to add some dimension to your outfit? Winter hats are the perfect route to go. Hats with puffs on top are always fashionable, and I guarantee you cannot go one day walking around Bucknell’s campus in the winter and not see a girl in a puff hat. They are cute, flirty, and everyone looks good in them.

The last cute winter accessory that I would recommend are gloves. Fingerless gloves are trendy because you can still text and keep your hands warm, but mittens and regular gloves can be just as fun and can certainly help keep your hands nice and snuggly.

All in all, the key to looking cute in winter is all in the details. Don’t stress over buying the perfect jacket or winter boots because the bright and fun accessories are what people first notice about any outfit. Not to mention, they sure do keep you warm when Lewisburg temperature drops to digits that should be illegal!