How To Give Your Room Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Even though college dorm rooms can be small and difficult to decorate, there are so many ways to bring your dorm room to life throughout the holidays. Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with bright colors and lots of candy. It’s a great opportunity to bring some of those things into your room. Here are five decorations to incorporate in your dorm room this Valentine’s Day. You can even invite your best friends over to help decorate for the perfect Galentine’s Day party!


1. Valentine’s Day Gel Window Clings 


Amazon, and many other websites, sell gel window clings for every holiday. Gel window clings allow you to open your window shade to let some light in while also adding a pop of red and pink throughout the dorm room. They are very easy to put up, and you can keep them for next year!


2. String Lights 


Red heart string lights are perfect for getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit. These lights can even be placed above the same window where the Gel Window Clings are. They are fun to turn on at night when you while you watch some Netflix in bed and want to bring just a little light into the room without turning on an overhead light. 


3. Mini Valentine’s Day Boxes 


If you are planning a fun Galentine’s Day party with some of your closest friends, a Valentine’s Day box is a great addition to your room. Filling a box with Hershey Kisses or cookies will cover dessert for the evening, and your friends will always drop by to pay a visit and take a piece of candy to go. You can mix up the candy you put in it each week and switch out the different patterned boxes. 


4. White Nightstand 


A mini white nightstand is a great purchase and a useful piece of furniture to store extra clothes you may not have enough space for in your dorm room. It is also great to have because you can decorate the top of the nightstand with Valentine’s Day decorations. Putting candles or red roses on top of the nightstand brings a comfortable vibe into the room. 

5. Pillows or Blankets 


Pillows and blankets are a fun way to bring some Valentine’s Day colors into your room because the bed is usually the first thing people notice when they walk in. Putting a red or pink blanket on your bed makes it cozy and enjoyable for when your friends come to sleepover. A Valentine’s Day pillow can also bring different colors into the room, and is easy to change the pillow for all holidays.