How To Finagle A New Year’s Kiss

We all know that there’s no better way to ring in the new year than with a New Year’s Kiss. “It’s tradition!” or “It’s good luck!” always seems to justify this make-out freebie. No matter what excuse you make, the 10-second scramble to find a beau for smoochin’ begins the second that sparkly ball starts to drop on television. This year, my gift to you, faithful HerCampus readers, is a fool-proof plan for how to finagle the perfect New Year’s Kiss.

1. Start early. The moment you enter the New Year’s Eve shindig (looking fabbbulous, of course), start scouting. Keep an eye out for guys without girlfriends, guys without shirts on, guys who are well-groomed or even guys who look desperate. On New Year’s, it’s okay to lower your standards a little…just as long as you score that kiss by the end of the night.

2. Make yourself visible. Wherever your targeted “kiss” is standing, go there. He’s helping himself to some pigs in a blanket? Help yourself to three. See that he’s pouring himself a glass of red wine? Go over and pour yourself a glass, even if you prefer white. Making your presence known will make him recognize you as a familiar face later on (later on meaning smoochin’ time!). However, going overboard with this type of follower-behavior will flag you as a total stalker, so proceed with caution!

3. Primp. Before the night begins, make sure you have the staples in your bag: mints (to disguise the filet you just ate for dinner), lip balm (forget sticky gloss or bright red lipstick…do you want your guy to look like a clown after you’re done with him?) and floss (do some dental work pre-smooch; you’ll thank yourself later).

4. Strategize. Over the years, I’ve tried out a few different moves that have allowed me to do ppreeettyyy well for myself (okay, totally lying…but you, on the other hand, may have better luck!). Pick your favorite strategy of any below and have at it!:

-  The point & smooch: With only a few seconds remaining until the ball drop, make intense eye contact (think Victoria’s Secret model-style) and point directly at the guy you’ve been gushing over all night. Confidently walk over to him and grab the back of his head, leaving him no choice but to give you what you’ve longed for all evening. Yay!

-  “Trip Kiss”: Before the ball hits Times Square, slide over to your kiss-crush and pretend to stumble on those ah-dorable high-heels you’re wearing. Hopefully, he’ll be a gentleman and gently catch you, leaving you no choice but to thank him with the best New Year’s Kiss he’s ever experienced.

-  Wine-derful Night: This one’s a bit tricky, but with a steady hand, you can totally pull it off. Holding a glass of wine, bump into your targeted guy and apologize for ALMOST spilling the glass on his shirt (hence the “almost”…getting wine on his shirt = no smooch for you!). When he says it’s fine, suggest a New Year’s Kiss to make up for it. He’ll think it’s the best “I’ll-make-it-up-to-you” suggestion yet! 

5. Follow-up and PCE OUT. With a random New Year’s Kiss, a cordial “Thanks for the memories!” and a fierce walk out the door is all you need to seal the deal. If he wants more, he’ll have to wait ’till next year!

Here’s to a new year filled with happiness, love, fabulosity and the best kiss you’ve had yet. Ring in 2013 with a smooch you (or he) will never forget!


Jen Lassen