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How To Fight Frizz

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.


I have a confession. Though I’ve tried to hide it for quite some time, as the weather warms up I can’t cover it any longer. Despite straightening my hair each and every day, hiding after showers as my hair begins to spiral, meticulously blow drying my strands to fight it… I must confess, I have curly hair. I’m not just talking waves here, I’m talking full-blown, Shirley Temple ringlets…except mine exude more of a Carrot Top craziness than a Shirley Temple cute. As the weather turns from snowy to sunny, my hair begins to retaliate. Flat irons break, my blow dryer manages to give me an afro rather than a silky smooth look, and my budding curls seem to eat any product I use to tame it. It’s uglier than Amanda Bynes’ Twitter posts. For years I’ve tried to emulate frizz-free curly haired stars like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé – I’ve concluded that they’ve got to be wearing wigs. I often feel like a Samurai warrior trying to fight a frizz-torn war zone with only chopsticks and silly string. Combating this frizzy process for years has been an arduous task but I’ve found a few great ways through my struggle to keep frizz at bay as the temperature warms up. I hope these suggestions help you get through spring and summer smooth and frizz free! 


Prevent It.

In the Shower: Frizziness can start in the shower as breakage, dry, and unruly hair can cause your fro to grow. First of all, curly haired girls do not need to wash their hair as often. Though some may think this is “gross”, not washing your hair everyday is proven to eliminate drying and frizz. In the shower, make sure that you are using a conditioning shampoo and a reparative conditioner that will help combat breakage from heat styling and daily abuse. Once a week use a deep conditioner, put on a shower cap, and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. I’m partial to Garnier Triple Nutrition 3 Minute Undo Dryness Reversal ($6.59 at most drugstores) or Bumble and Bumble Deeep ($26 from Sephora). Using a blow dryer on the shower cap will allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper. Rinse with cool (not cold) water for two to three minutes to fend off frizz by sealing the cuticle.

After the Shower: Make sure to wring your hair out as excess water can cause the hair to be weighed down and cause oily-frizzy curls (the worst kind) to form. No matter what you do, don’t rub hair dry with a towel. Use paper towels or an old tee shirt, which are both gentler on the hair and won’t create breakage or static.

Catching Frizz-Free Zzz’s: It may seem utterly Holly Golightly, but the girl had great hair for a reason. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will reduce friction as you sleep and eliminate breakage. If you don’t feel like paying for a pillowcase, try wrapping your hair in a silk headscarf or shirt.


Tame It.

Each person’s hair responds differently, so I can’t promise these will work for you. I can tell you that of the women I’ve surveyed, these have been the ones to work the best. Remember that using too much serum will make your hair greasy and too much hairspray will make it crunchy, so go light on whatever product you choose.

Ouidad: This company is great for curly haired curls because it offers an entire line of products from styling gel to volumizing foam just for curly hair. Additionally, on their website and their Sephora page, they offers curly hair tutorials that teach you how to shape your curls appropriately.

DEVACURL: DEVACURL is another line made specifically for curly-haired women. It offers everything from a blow dryer meant to fight frizz to deep conditioners that accentuate curls.

Aveda Be Curly ($17.50): This curl-defining lotion uses a wheat protein and aloe mix to hold curls together turning small, unruly curls into beautifully defined and bouncy waves.

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Crème ($26.63): This cream is a great way to tame frizz and coax out soft and bouncy curls. If you tend to over apply products, this one won’t make your hair oily or crunchy even if you put in a little too much.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hairspray ($5.99): The man who fights to help tame our frizz every day has created this amazing hair spray which is specifically designed to combat moisture in the air that causes frizz. It can make hair a tad crunchy if one uses too much but it has a great scent and works wonderfully!

Redken Fresh Curls Boost ($14.99): This spray is fantastic! It leaves curls beautiful and defined and smells so great you might want to spray it all over your body.

Hide It. 

The Headband: Frizz often happens around the crown, so slipping on a chic headband whether bejeweled or braided can tame the frizziness and make any look instantly more glamorous. A little frizz actually looks great with a headband and will give you a hippie-bohemian look à la Coachella. Rock on, flower child.

The Side Braid: The side braid is a classic that will help to cover frizzy hair in the tight constraints of the braid. Hairspray also helps here but a side braid to a half-up and half-down look, or a bun or pony, if the frizz goes down the whole shaft, is a cute look for day or night.

The Bun: A chignon will completely eliminate any frizz and can be a striking look paired with sunglasses and a dress for day or a formals outfit at night. Especially if your event is outside, this will help you avoid touching your hair all night trying to fix it, which just creates more frizz.


Bobby Pins: Just remember, bobby pins are your best friends. When your hair grows Alfalfa sprouts despite pounds of hairspray and seems to take on a life of its own, consider these your prison guards, locking those locks into place. 

Embrace It.

When all else fails, embrace the frizz. Honestly, we spend so much of our time trying to be like our straight haired, frizz-free counterparts that we forget frizz can be just as pretty. Look to style icons like Blake Lively, SJP, Vanessa Hudgens, and even Ms. Frizzle (Magic School Bus anyone?) for inspiration. Whether taming those frizzies or rocking them, just remember: don’t let your hair get in the way of having a good time. No matter what look you choose, it will go best with a heck of a lot of confidence and a winning smile. 

Sarah Dubow graduated from school in 2013 and is a Digital Strategist at Marina Maher Communications in New York City. After serving as Campus Correspondent at Bucknell University, she is so excited to continue being a part of the Her Campus team! Besides traversing the city and trying to figure out what being a "real person" really means, Sarah loves long walks on the beach, sipping pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain (kidding!). Real favorites include traveling, writing, kickboxing, and making up ridiculous lyrics to the latest songs. She absolutely loves anything that involves cupcakes, butterflies, glitter, and anything Parisian and specializes in baking with far too much chocolate and obsessively watching shows bound to be cancelled after the first season. Though the long term path for this post-grad collegiette remains unclear, she's looking forward to all the new 20-something adventures that await her!