How to Dress Like a Boss

Internship and job application season seems to be coming around the corner.  Everyone’s getting their resumes and cover letters checked, and the due dates are soon approaching.  Interviews and career fairs are happening left and right, and it’s so important to go to these with a lot of research done but it is also important to be dressed for success!  As college students, not all of have an abundance of business casual clothing, so here are some staples that you should start to add to your closet to build your professional wardrobe from the ground up!


  1. Blazer- An absolute must.  A blazer goes with everything and can also make any outfit more professional.

  1. Pencil skirt - For more formal events.  Pencil skirts are so common in the workplace and can spice up your look.

  1. A pair of ballet flats - Although they’re sometimes hard to break in and not the most fashion forward these days, it’s important to get a pair.  They’re great go-to’s and a much more comfortable option than heels are.

  1. A button down shirt - A button down is probably one of the most common staples for your wardrobe.  If you get a neutral color, it goes with anything!  A pair of pants, a blazer, a pencil skirt.  It works for it all, and is definitely something worth getting.  

  1. A stylish bag - To tie together any outfit, get yourself a statement purse that will make you actually want to bring home some work from the office in it.  

Some tips to dressing like a boss on a budget:

  1. Set yourself a budget, and determine which pieces are the most necessary for you to have.  

  2. Check out competitive prices online before committing to something in the store.  Some stores sell the same exact thing but for completely different prices.  Also, a lot of online stores have some great promo codes that you just have to do a little searching around for.  Get on some mailing lists, too!  Just some smart shopping in general!

  3. Make sure you buy mostly neutral colors.  This way you can mix and match, and don’t have to wear the same thing every day!

  4. Spend the extra few bucks on something that’s quality.  Even though it might be more up front, it’ll last you longer and you won’t have to keep reinvesting in the future.

  5. Check out the app Poshmark.  Poshmark is like a marketplace online where you can sell your own clothes to people, and they can buy yours!  Raid through your closet and put some old things you’re not selling up for sale, and check out other people’s clothes for your wardrobe as well!