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How to Be Polite on Campus

1. If you see someone you know, do not avoid eye contact just say hi! This whole pretending to be super busy on your cell phone to avoid saying a quick hello just makes it even more awkward. 
2. Hold the door, but seriously, ALWAYS hold the door if someone is behind you. 
3. Upon meeting someone do not immediately demand to know which sorority or fraternity they are in. That is what facebook stalking is for in the privacy of your own dorm room.
4. Be courteous printing. If there is a super long line 5 minutes before class, do not chose this time to print out a 30 page PDF document. 
5. Smile! Bucknell is small enough that faces are easily remembered so you’re better off flashing a quick smile to a stranger than gaining a sourpuss rep for yourself.

photo source: http://blog.connectedhq.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/mind-your-manners...

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