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How to Be the Girl Who Has It All

From the very first time you started school, you were aware of “that girl.” She was probably the one in kindergarten handing out beautifully decorated cupcakes in an outfit that looked like it came out of the J. Crew kids section. Growing up, she would become team captain, class president, and now resides at an Ivy League school with her dashing boyfriend. We all know that girl. In so many ways you hated her; however deep down, you also always wanted to be her. The truth is, while no one is actually perfectly together (really), there are some very real things you can do to live your dream life. After careful analysis, research, and talking to many of the “perfect people” of the world, here are some of their secrets.

Do anything, but not everything.

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Looking at “that girl,” unless she is Hermione and whipping out the Time Turner (in which case, she is perfect and you can stop reading this article), she has just as much time every day as you. However, she probably prioritizes what she does so she can excel and says no to things that she isn’t completely stoked on. The key is picking a few things you are really passionate about and then fully dedicating your time to them. Going along with prioritizing, there are only so many things that you can do in a day. As Bucknellians, many of us fall into the trap of feeling like we have to do everything; however by trying to do everything, we only spread ourselves too thin.

Map it out.

In order to achieve the things that you want, you have to write out what you want to do and how you are going to get there. It sounds so cheesy, but having goals written out on paper has been proven over and over again to be more effective than having ideas in your head and never acting upon them.

Ask for help.

A great support system is the key for being successful. No person gets to where they are on their own. A huge part of this is creating a solid support system. Whether with friends at school, guidance from professors, or family at home, make sure you have people built into a strong support system to go to when things get tough.

Show appreciation.

So much of being the person “who has it all” is perspective, and it’s important to appreciate what you do have. “Having it all” is really a trick of the mind, since even Beyonce wakes up looking rough (so I’ve heard). Additionally, thinking about the people that “have it all,” they are generally very optimistic, positive people. Assuming you are reading this on a computer screen, you already have a lot to be thankful for. Make sure to show it.

Really get dressed.

If half of being successful is showing up, then the other half is putting on real clothes and showing up on time. Even if you don’t feel 100% every morning, people do notice and it speaks volumes.

In the end keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. No one is perfect so rather than wishing to be like “that girl,” go out there and make your goals happen yourself! 

Emma Sheehy is a senior English major at Bucknell University. Now washed up, she can be seen running around Lewisburg, people watching on the first floor of the library and drinking wine in her apartment. She prefers to send snail mail, call people rather than text (to the dismay of her friends) and loves nighttime walks. To see more of her "stuff" check out her personal blog on life at Bucknell at http://www.emmasheehy.com.
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