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H.I.T. is a … Hit!

H.I.T. stands for High Intensity Training, an aerobics class instructed by Kari Conrad, who also happens to be Associate Dean of Students. This semester, the group fitness class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m. in the Kenneth Langone Athletic and Recreation Center.

My freshman self loved H.I.T. and would rarely miss one of Kari’s pulse-pumping jam sessions. But as I’m sure several of you can relate, something happened to all that youthful motivation beyond the honeymoon stage of college, and my workout days dwindled from infrequent to zilch.

Coming back for my final year, I was determined to gather all the lessons learned from my winning moments of the past three years in order to holistically win as a senior. Gyming it up like freshman me is all a part of that greater scheme, so returning to H.I.T. after my prolonged absence was a must-do. This made me slightly nervous. I wondered if I was way too out of shape to jump in headfirst, and if Kari had changed up the music and routine on me. It had been nearly two years after all. But rest assured, not a thing had changed and I survived the full hour.

The crowd is as I remembered it, mostly letter-donning sorority women with a sprinkling of men and women from the community. The atmosphere is very open. As an individual-focused class, it is one that invites people to come with friends, yet is not a social affair.

H.I.T. undoubtedly beats the monotony of an hour drone on the elliptical, incorporating step benches, weights, mats, jumping, kicking, some Britney Spears, some AC/DC, a little bit of shouting and much more. It is a complete full-body workout, but also allows you to gear the routine to suit your needs and abilities. It’s the kind of thing you can alter to fit your intensity level, making it great for those who have been hitting the gym on the daily all summer and those of us with secretary derrieres from our 9-5 intern sit-a-thons.

This class is a fun alternative to the average gym visit and well worth a try!

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