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Hey! It’s Okay… – The Abroad Edition

…to take a photo at the Colosseum, on top of the Amsterdam A, riding a Gondola in Venice and looking down on Old Town Square in Prague.  Accept that you’re a tourist and embrace it!     

…to attempt to speak the native language, even if everyone responds to you in English anyway

…to have a pizza, wiener schnitzel or whatever the stereotypical food of your country is for lunch and dinner

…to go straight from a club to the airport to catch your 6 a.m. flight home

…if you and all your friends are silent for the first five minutes anytime you walk into a building with Wi-Fi

…if you use the app Afterlight to tweak all your scenery Instagrams. A little saturation or sharpening never hurt anyone

…if you still can’t wrap your head around the conversion rates between the U.S. dollar and the Euro, Swiss Franc, Hungarian Forint and Czech Koruna

…to expand your circle and form new friendships

…if you fell victim to a pick-pocketer

…and now keep your bag strapped to you like it was your newborn child

…and finally, if, even though you are in a beautiful city fully immersed in a new and exciting world, you still miss partying in a run down frat house in Lewisburg, Pa.

Margaret is a senior at Bucknell University majoring in psychology and economics. She is a campus correspondent for Her Campus Bucknell, a member of the women's squash team, and spent last semester abroad in Rome. She loves all kinds of music from Michael Buble to old-school hip hop, Kiawah Island (SC), Oprah magazine, crossword puzzles and going out to leisurely weekend brunches with her friends. 
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