Hey Bucknellians! It’s OK…

… to start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween

… to use any opportunity to wear those old overalls to a party

… and to use any excuse to wear glitter

… to miss the excitement of the tent just a little bit

… to take a few extra Splendas from 7th Street for when you make your own drink later

… to have a countdown to the caf Thanksgiving dinner

… and to have stuffing but skip the turkey

… to be overly excited to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” with your family in a few weeks 

… to hold onto your friend’s sweater for one extra week. It doesn’t even fit her anyways.

… to spend a night in simply because you can’t bear the thought of walking downtown in 30 degree weather

… and to have an extremely warm and ugly “fracket” when you do make the trek