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On Her Turf is an online platform run by NBC Sports that advocates for female athletes. They have a strong Instagram presence and also have a podcast channel on Art19 where they interview prominent women in the sports world. On Her Turf is an outlet for females of all ages interested in athletics, competition, or just female empowerment. They educate their audience on the successes as well as the struggles of athletes such as Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe, Naomi Osaka, and many more. Their Instagram page is a way for girls to look up to female athletes who are fighting for changes in pay, more television coverage by different networks, and other disparities in how male versus female athletes are treated. Although On Her Turf mostly revolves just around their Instagram page right now, they have recognized that their social media voice is a great way, and may be the most powerful way in this day in age, to help with social justice changes in the world.

I want to bring Her Campus’s attention to the On Her Turf platform because I feel as though both platform’s messages are similar. Both us and the women behind On Her Turf are advocates of the female voice and recognize that we, as a community of women, must stick together. Although On Her Turf narrows their audience down to target female athletes, their overall message of fighting for gender injustice resonates with Her Campus. I encourage everyone who writes for Her Campus, or even girls who just like to read our articles for fun, to start checking out On Her Turf! I guarantee you will love both the entertainment and the informative facts they provide in regards to female athletes.

Finally, I want to put a plug in for On Her Turf’s Instagram page! Everyone go follow @onherturf and listen to their podcasts at this website: https://art19.com/shows/on-her-turf.

Amanda Christy

Bucknell '21

I am a senior computer engineering student from Boston, Massachusetts. I love to play tennis, hang out with friends, and especially enjoy writing in my free time!
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