The Her Campus Guide to Valentine’s Day in Lewisburg, PA

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful day for some. For others, it is just a day that reminds you who you hold in your heart. Regardless of one’s attitude towards it, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that should be celebrated with a light heart. In order to make Valentine’s Day run smoothly, here is a list of ideas on where to eat and what to do “to make this holiday a more enjoyable day.

Where to Eat:

For somewhere more high-end and romantic:

Brasserie Louis

Home to many date parties and functions, “Bras” also has a lovely dining room area that is perfectly romantic for any date. As some of you may know, there is also a pretty outdoor terrace… the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your special someone in the chilly winter atmosphere.


My second favorite restaurant in Lewisburg and another pricey establishment is Elizabeth’s. With an intimate and antique (but not tarnished) atmosphere, Elizabeth’s is a great option for this holiday. It is also famous for its delectable dessert options, in which the waiter brings the options out to your table to show you what you may be shoveling into your mouth later.

For somewhere more low-key with a fun atmosphere:

Ards Farm Restaurant

On of my favorite places to eat dessert in Lewisburg is Ards, which has a playful and charming atmosphere. It is great for couples who have either been at this thing for a while or couples who are just starting off. The cornbread is also to die for.

For somewhere to turn up the heat:

Siam Restaurant & Bar

Siam offers delicious pad thai (my favorite pad thai that I’ve ever had, actually). And Siam’s food comes with varying degrees of spice depending on your preference. It’s also an intimate enough space to bring a date without the overly romantic feel.

For those craving sushi:

Fuji Steak House

The best sushi I’ve had in Lewisburg and definitely a step up in the atmosphere and quality of Sushihanna.

For lovers of Italian:

Mancinis Woodfired Italian Grill

My personal favorite Italian Restaurant in Lewisburg. It’s also a little more laid back than some of the other options in town, but it’s also a walking distance from campus, as it is located on Market Street.


What Activities to Do:

For those of you feeling a movie:

If you decide to go see a movie, simply ask your significant other what they want to see but be ready to make suggestions. However, if one or both of you don’t feel like dragging yourselves to a movie theater, remember that Netflix is always an option.

For those of you who love the outdoors:

Stargazing in one of the numerous perks in the area and it could be really fun if you’re willing to endure the cold. So, bring a blanket(s), a warm beverage (such as hot coco), maybe your portable speaker and have yourselves a romantic night.

For those of you that want a more active date:

Roller-skating is so fun and whether you realize it or not, seeing your date struggle to stay upright is actually endearing (at least he/she is trying, right?!). And if he/she happens to be terrible at roller skating, then he/she has an excuse to hold onto you. Sunset Rink isn’t far from campus either.

You’re young, so enjoy the people in your life and celebrate the relationships you value. Lewisburg, although a little town in the middle of Central Pennsylvania, has everything you need to make this day one that’s special.