HC's Tips on How to Look Cute on a Budget

Spring and summer has always been a time where there’s tons of occasions to dress up. With formals and date parties, graduation-related events coming up for the seniors, music festivals, and beach season approaching us faster than we realize, there’s always tons of occasions to dress up. Even without a specific occasion, spring 2018 has introduced to us lots of cool trends to experiment with, such as two piece sets, the comeback of denim on denim, and statement pants. However, catching up to trends while having that perfect dress for every occasion that comes our way can end up being pretty costly. Here’s a few ways to have that on-point wardrobe without making as large of a dent on your bank account:

1) Create a Unidays account! Unidays is a website that offers hefty discounts for thousands of well-known online stores such as Asos, Urban Outfitters, Missguided, and American Eagle. With formals and graduation coming up, using these discounts are always a great way to snag the dress you’ve had your eye on without completely breaking the bank. However, the discounts are not limited to online clothing stores; there are discounts available for well-known makeup brands such as MAC and Clinique for when you’re looking for the perfect lipstick color.

2) In addition to Unidays, a large way to save money online is through the Google Chrome extension: Honey. Every time you shop online, the extension works to automatically find coupon codes with the largest possible savings from thousands of well-known stores. Likewise to Unidays, the discounts are not limited to clothing sites, with discounts available for Chegg memberships, along with Expedia and Hotels.com, which I’ll definitely need for booking my next getaway. Additionally, for each purchase made with the extension, you get “Honey Gold,” which you will eventually be able to redeem for gift cards.


3) Rent The Runway is another great way to get a designer dress for your upcoming special occasion. The site enables you to rent a designer dress at a discounted price so you can look like a million bucks for only fifty. Another cool feature of the site is that it allows you to look for dresses by occasion, enabling you to find the perfect dress for a specific occasion. Better yet, there’s a 20% discount off of your first order, so if you’re looking for a last-minute formals dress, Rent the Runway is always a great option.

4) Another great way to get unique, on-trend items is by thrift shopping. There’s a Goodwill near Walmart if you have extra time on the shuttle, but I’ve found the true gem to be Community Aid, an extremely large and well-organized thrift store in Selinsgrove. It’s the perfect place to find a fracket or cozy oversized sweater, which I’ve found to be year-round necessities, but you’ll always find steals along the way that you wouldn’t expect. For instance, I found a genuine leather jacket for $12 that has become one of the staple pieces in my wardrobe.


5) Another great way to find not only secondhand steals, but also lots of trendy pieces seen throughout social media at a reasonable price is through Depop, which has become widely popular on Instagram. Depop is an app you can download on your iPhone where users can purchase and sell clothing from others. Lots of users have used the platform to create and sell lots of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces such as customized denim jackets and handmade jewelry. It’s also a great way to make some extra cash by selling clothes from the back of your closet that you haven’t touched in months. As the saying goes, one man’s trash can be another’s treasure.