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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Alexandra Schneider

HC Senior Spotlight: Amanda Christy


Name: Amanda Christy

Hometown: Southborough, MA

Post-grad town: New York City, NY

Major(s): Computer Engineering

HC Position(s): 

Writer: 2018-2019

Editor: 2019-2020

CC of Her Campus: 2020-2021


Favorite book? 

A: Ok hear me out: Get a Financial Life. This may sound boring but we read it in my Personal Finance class. I swear it has saved my life in terms of knowing how to save money, invest, what insurance is, etc. once I graduate Bucknell! 


Favorite movie?

A: Shawshank Redemption


Favorite store? 

A: Revolve. I swear I ordered every date party dress the past three years from there.


Favorite food place in Lewisburg?

A: Kind Cafe


Favorite spot on campus? 

A: Dana Engineering Lobby


Favorite Song? 

A: “Retro” by Childish Gambino


Favorite Class at Bucknell?

A: Religion and Constitutional Law––take it with Professor Gassaway, he is the best!


Campus Activities?

A: Greek life, Engineering TA, Presidential Fellow


Campus Posse? 

A: Probably the Presidential Fellows. I am part of the Steering Committee and have felt very passionately about this group of people the past four years. They are some of the hardest working students on campus and the work they do each week both impresses and motivates me to be a better student!


General Interests? 

A: I obviously love writing (why I am a part of HC) but outside of that, I love playing tennis and being outdoors. I like going to the rail trail once a week to go on walks with my friends or even going on hikes with my family back at home!


Little Known Fact? 

A: My “fun fact” and thus my little known fact is that I have double jointed elbows. My elbows hyper-extend and I love freaking everyone out and showing them that when they ask to see.


The one thing that got you through your four years at Bucknell? 

 A: Other than Her Campus of course, I’d probably have to say Everything Bagel Rice Cakes. I eat them almost every day and they have been my addiction the past few years. For breakfast, dinner, lunch, or even the perfect snack, you can eat them for any occasion and they will make your day 10x better.


When did you join Her Campus?

A: Sophomore year!


Favorite article you’ve written for HC Bucknell? 

A: Definitely “A Male Guide to Interpreting Female Texts.” I had so much fun writing this and all my friends loved it! They showed it to their boyfriends and significant others who all thought it was hilarious…but shockingly true.


Describe HC Bucknell in 3 words. 

A: Inclusive, welcoming, creative.


Some parting thoughts.

A: As I leave Bucknell and Her Campus, I want to thank all the beautiful, intelligent women that have made my past three years in Her Campus so memorable. I loved both writing my own articles but also reading everyone elses and it was so nice to be surrounded by women as passionate about writing as I am. 


What has been the biggest surprise of your Bucknell experience? 

A: I think my biggest surprise is the amount of close friendships I will leave Bucknell with. I struggled freshman year to make friends, but after joining a sorority and getting involved in more clubs, such as Her Campus, I began to really thrive. I did not think I would ever have friends as close to my friends from high school, but I am so happy to say that I surely do now. I can now confidently say I am leaving Bucknell with some of my closest friends. I look forward to what my post graduation life will bring with them!


What are your post-grad plans? 

A: I will be working in White Plains, New York starting in June as a business consultant! The company I am working for is called Slalom Consulting, and I am very excited to be an entry-level consultant for them.


What advice do you have for the next generation of collegiettes? 

A: Get involved! If I hadn’t branched out my sophomore year and applied to clubs I would never have found Her Campus. It’s easy to just “do school” but try something different and join a club or two. Worst case- you drop the club after a month or two!


Any last words? 

A: I want to thank all the girls on HC, especially Isobel Lloyd. She has been a great Co-CC and I am so glad I got to run HC with her by my side! Good luck to all the girls in this club next year and keep on writing!


From all of Her Campus Bucknell, we want to wish Amanda the best of luck in her future! We love you and will miss you, Amanda!

Alexandra is a Creative Writing and History major at Bucknell University. When she's not busy talking about books, tv, food, or politics, catch her re-watching John Mulaney's Netflix specials. Alexandra hopes to become an author and work in the world of storytelling.
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