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Halloween TV Costumes

It’s one thing to dress up like your favorite TV character. You could dress up like Olivia Pope in a (chic) pantsuit with a wine glass and bowl of popcorn (who doesn’t want snacks on a night out anyways?). But wouldn’t it be more fun to copy Halloween costumes featured in your favorite shows? Read more to see how you can copy costumes worn by TV characters.


Leslie – Rosie the Riveter

Leslie from “Parks and Recreation” dressed up as Rosie the Riveter in a Halloween-themed episode two years ago. Fitting costume for the ambitious and hard-working Leslie. Copy her look by getting a jean jumpsuit or simply pairing a rolled up chambray shirt or jean jacket on top of a pair of jeans of similar shade. Put a red bandana in your hair, tie it on top, apply red lipstick, and put on your grimiest combat boots to finish it off. Bonus points if you show off your biceps throughout the night.   


Dan – David Beckham

Why not dress up as one of the sexiest soccer players alive? Look crisp and clean in a suit (no tie though), fake sexy facial hair and carry around a soccer ball. Have even more fun with it by getting a guy friend or boyfriend to dress up as Victoria Beckham. Have him dress up in a tight little black dress, sky-high heels, and chic over-sized sunglasses. You two will be the hottest couple around. Promise.


Happy Endings

Who doesn’t love group costumes? Don’t repeat the Spice Girls, Pink Ladies, and Mean Girls costumes. Spice it up with some Jackson loving. But don’t just be the Jackson 5… be the marionette Jackson 5. Grab some afro wigs, ’60s outfits, and strings to complete the “marionette Jackson 5” look donned by the hilarious Happy Endings clan.


Penny and Max – Mom and baby

Okay, so this one is a bit more difficult and a tiny bit freaky. But points for creativity! This elaborate costume seems a bit challenging to replicate, so we’ve got an alternative! For the mom, get a baby doll stroller or an actual baby carrier and dress up in your best mom-jeans and plain shirt. The baby should have rosy cheeks, a pacifier, and bib. Fun, easy, and simple.


Jim – Three-hole Punched

Not into the whole dressing up but feeling pressured to do something? Copy Jim’s brilliant costume idea by sticking three black circles on a white shirt – and voila, you’ve been “three-hole punched” or you can go around saying that you’re a “hole-puncher” – whatever floats your boat.

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