Getting through Midterms one Study Space at a Time

Oh the joys of midterm season! Yes collegiates, it's THAT time of year again. A way to make this especially hectic academic stretch easier is to expand your study spaces on campus. So grab your large iced coffees, slip on a pair of comfy sweatpants and head to these areas on Bucknell's campus to get some serious work done.

1. The Cozy Smith Library

            Surrounded by stacks and stacks of books within majestic wooden bookshelves is one beautiful setting to write your midterm paper. Located within the back of the main floor of Vaughn Literature building is the Smith Library. It is truly the perfect place to cozy up with a textbook or notebook after a long day of classes. Next time your searching for a comfortable spot in the library during the rush of lunchtime- head over to the Smith Library instead!


2. Not your typical library study space: The East Reading Room

            If you have wandered into the jungle that is the library at lunchtime or in between class periods, and have no where to sit, have no fear! Tucked within the second floor of Bertrand is the East Reading Room- a gem of a study space, and one that many Bucknellians rarely flock to. Known lovingly as the "ERR," this room is a great space to spread out all thirteen of your textbooks and complete homework on a spacious table. If you want some company but need silence in the air, bring a friend and sit together in one of the many study spaces within the East Reading Room.   



3. Get back to the Center of it all!

            SHHH... we're about to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to study locations on Bucknell's campus. On the second floor of the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) the Center Room stands at great heights. With beautiful aerial views of campus, lots of natural light and plenty of room to spread out your work space- the Center Room could become your hideaway long past midterm time. Plus, you can build in a 5-minute workout into your busy days of midterm week while trekking up to the second floor of the ELC!

4. Study Spaces: Brought to you by your Major!

Scattered throughout Bucknell's campus are various common spaces and lounges dedicated to various departments. Within most of these small settings, are great areas to get some homework done. Head over to O'Leary to check out the Psychology departments' newly renovated lounge or walk to the other side of campus and enter into the International Relation's common room in Coleman Hall. These great spaces are normally not heavily populated with other students, so if you are looking for a silent area with little distractions- these common areas and lounges can be a wonderful option.