Getting in the Fall Mood in College

When you’re not surrounded by the coziness of your own living room and fireplace, it’s hard to get into achieve maximum fall vibes. HerCampus has some tips of how to make the most out of fall in college!


Scents are a must. The dorms may not permit candles, but there are other solutions to make your room smell like leaves and pumpkins! Check out these super cute scent pods and sprays!


Super easy decor. Go to a thrift store or Walmart and you can have yourself a ball getting tons of cheap little seasonal decorations. Even literally one plastic pumpkin will help transform your room. Fall flowers are also perfect if you’re feeling a little more fancy. And if you don’t have string lights in your room, is it truly cozy?


Spend a cozy night in! Maybe be ambitious and even build a fort. Watch your favorite seasonal movie, drink hot chocolate, and bonus points for picking up those amazingly delicious places and bake cookies from the store and baking them in your dorm’s kitchen. Or, you know, just pick up a bag of candy.


Dress up for Halloween. Don’t be lame. You’re not too old or too ‘cool’ for Halloween. Go. All. Out. Plan your costume(s) in advance and coordinate with friends. When you’re older, you’ll regret not being absolutely childish when it comes to this holiday.


Go to a farm or farmers market! Bucknell students: Ard’s is THE place to go for all things fall. Corn mazes, delicious food, pumpkins, everything. Also, check out the local farmers market! Even if you don’t buy anything, it will certainly put you in the perfect fall mood.


Get outside. As cozy as it is to stay inside, it’s perfect hiking weather! Even choosing to walk downtown instead of drive is so nice with the perfect brisk weather. Take advantage of the weather it before it gets miserable!


Happy Fall!