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Fuller Bust Girls: No Longer Dread Bathing Suit Season!

It’s that time of year again: the days are getting longer, the sun is getting hotter, and bralettes and bathing suits are slowly making their way to the front of our closest again. The fashion industry has tons of overly expensive but on-trend suit options this season, but it isn’t always easy as clicking the “check-out” button and apologizing to your wallet later.

The swimwear and bra industry does not cater to every body type, especially when you have a fuller chest.  Sometimes we find ourselves wearing that one Old-Navy bathing suit from 5 years ago because it is the only thing that fits. If this sounds like you, or you just have trouble finding bathing suits and bralettes to fit you right, especially when shopping online, have no fear! Here are some bathing suit and bralette styles/ websites to check out if regular sites are just not good enough for your extraordinary chest.

If you love the comfort of bralettes in comparison to regular bras, but find that your neck/ shoulders hurt from the pressure of keeping your breasts supported- try a razor back fit instead of a halter. This style still gives the appearance of a “halter” style bralette, but take the pressure off your neck with the extra support in the back!


Tired of all the trendy bathing suits only coming in a small/medium/large? Check out ASOS Fuller Bust Bathing Suits . These suits come in bra sizes all the way up to a 44L, so you can keep up with the cute trendy suits without having to give up comfort and fit!

Another great website that bridges the gap between sports bra, bralette, and bathing suits is “Lively”. This website has bralettes that you can wear as bathing suits, and they are SO comfortable and cute. 


Lily is a first- year student at Bucknell University, from Baltimore, MD. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers who live in New York and Boston. She has two dogs, Cooper and Nellie, and if you meet her in person she has probably already shown you the thousands of pictures she has of them on her phone. Lily loves to sing and play guitar, is passionate about fashion and beauty, and is so excited to be a HerCampus writer for Bucknell!
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